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Saddam Hussein gave

In recent years, Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il have been recognized as the most popular cases of personality disorders. The former North Korean dictator has gone crazy, including creating various diets and using surgically modified body doubles. Both feared for their lives. In fact, the former dictator was so afraid of ships that he traveled only in armored trains.

The CIA and other foreign governments participated in both efforts. Psychologists have studied Hitler, Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. They found that both men had symptoms of Stupid Personality Disorder, but at different levels. Psychologists say Hussein is not medically insane. He possibly suffered from malignant narcissism, a severe form of paranoid personality disorder. disorder leading to gross behavior and lack of judgment.

The affected person sees others as resources. Psychologists have long suspected that dictators with the condition are extremely manipulative. Despite these results, many people associate it with the Nazi party and its doctors. However, these people are often extremely cruel. In fact, some have compared Saddam Hussein to a Middle Eastern maniac. While it’s hard to know what caused his paranoid behavior, the former Iraqi dictator is a notorious example. Unfortunately, you can’t deny the story of crazy personalities. Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, is another example with unusual personality disorders. He was incapable of hearing the other side of any story and was sure that those around him were planning to take him out. Nixon’s personality may be part of a paranoid personality disorder, but it was also a symptom of the condition.

Edward Einstein

Albert Einstein’s second son, Edward, has an unusual personality disorder, according to a new study. The young Einstein was frequently ill and often did not leave his family, but his mental health gradually declined. Before Albert knew what he wanted in his life, he began to consider leaving her. He visited many sanatoriums and spent most of his life in their care.

Unlike many famous scientists, Einstein suffered from schizophrenia for almost twenty years. After recovering from mental illness, he eventually returned to teach at Princeton University and won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Russell Crowe played Nash in “A Beautiful Mind.” Einstein was diagnosed in his 20s and spent many years in a psychiatric clinic in Zurich. He had not seen his father for 30 years when he died.

Dr. A.S. Glenn Elliott of the University of California, San Francisco, Einstein’s aversion to social situations also suggests something called Asperger’s syndrome. He is often isolated, lacks social support and is emotionally isolated. Einstein’s parents may have tried to ‘cure’ him by forcing him to fit into the social group.

Many celebrities have been in contact with the victim. For example, the famous actor and poet John Van Gussy had a history of paranoid schizophrenia. She expected to hear ghosts in the bedroom. His condition was brought under control and he admitted that other people were trying to kill him. Eventually, his illness took his life.

Roger Keith gave

Is Roger Keith a personal disorder? If so, why is she so depressed? Why did he lose his mind and intelligence? There are many reasons, but I will focus on just one. First of all, the musicians are a shocking family. The family lived with Roger for 25 years.

The family often complained of violent temper and shouted his name in anger. Breaking a window in the mid-80s. Besides, he took straight to the jacket. The singer suffered from schizophrenia as a child and suffered various cycles of drug abuse and mental illness. He was hospitalized for two months and his mental addiction eventually prevented him from working. However, he used his schizophrenia to make his music career extraordinary.

He worked on several humorous tunes to highlight his music. He died of leukemia at the age of 40 years. There is also evidence that Syd Barrett suffers from schizophrenia. Side has a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia, but its environment is also a factor. Even his childhood was traumatic. In his 20s he jumped into a high-stress career, using drugs along the way. After all, he never finished his painting, let alone the relationship. In addition to paranoia, there were other symptoms of schizophrenia, such as low self-esteem. Other symptoms of the personality disorder include rigidity, difficulty understanding emotions, and lack of self-awareness. They can be overly demanding and lack humility and self-awareness. They can be hostile and insulting to others. often victims of lies. It makes them believe that people are trying to hurt them and they will do anything to protect themselves.

Ingo Schwichtenberg

Schwichtenberg suffered from schizophrenia and refused to take medication for it, which prevented him from experiencing bizarre occurrences while performing on stage. After being knocked out by Halloween, Schwichtenberg slipped into several psychiatric episodes. Then she ran in front of the subway train. Eventually he was killed. Schwichtenberg reportedly has a personality disorder.

Back in 2009, Ingo Schwichtenberg was diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoid personality disorder. His illness was the cause of his bad behavior and he had to be hospitalized. He was also homeless. He eventually recovered enough to return to the show and become an advocate for mental illness and homelessness. During his illness, he served as a board member of the Milwaukee Mental Health Association and spoke on behalf of the National Coalition on Mental Illness.