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Find All Of Your Favorite Anime On Netflix With A Single Trick

Find All Of Your Favorite Anime On Netflix With A Single Trick
  • PublishedJuly 28, 2022

Anime has grown exponentially over the past year. Almost everyone is a fan of this type of cartoon, from teenagers to adults. Anime can bring you everything, be it a good story, cute characters, action or action. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, you’re missing out on all the fun.

Due to the popularity of anime, it’s no surprise that Netflix has invested heavily in the genre. Whether it’s a show, a movie, or a documentary, you can enjoy any title that falls under the animation category.

Today I want to share with you a secret that most of us don’t know, so we miss out on all the fun, entertainment, and everything you want on Netflix.

Yes, I’m talking about the Netflix secret code list. How to Unlock Everything on Netflix in 2022 Every entertainment category on Netflix is assigned secret codes, so you don’t have to search by episode number manually. Instead, Netflix lets you enter a code and access your favorite category.

Although the information has been shared for the past few years, it is still unknown to many Netflix users, so we will see how to use it to access Netflix secret codes and anime.

Everything on Netflix in 2022

Netflix’s video recommendation system is very smart. It allows the user to select a topic based on the history of the videos they have watched. What we don’t know about Netflix is ​​that categories are divided into subcategories.

These subclasses are designated by a code number and can be used directly to obtain this subclass. For example, imagine that you are interested in a holiday movie. All you have to do is choose a party, enter the code and enjoy.

Why should you use it?

Secret codes make your streaming experience more enjoyable; you can use categories and subcategories. For example, you can easily access the holiday movie genre on Netflix, but secret codes give you instant access to Halloween movies, patriotic movies, and even Christmas movies.

Create Netflix secret codes

Secret codes are a perfect combination of human intelligence and machine learning. A dedicated team at Netflix rates each title. This method is used to collect metadata for each title available on Netflix.

The most commonly cited reasons are the film’s location, characters, ending, story, and actors. Since the collected data is large, it is divided into different groups called “all gender”.

How do you get an animation with secret codes?

Secret codes are another reason to believe that Netflix is ​​better than other streaming services. While secret, Netflix codes make it easy to access unlimited content. Just sign in to your Netflix account and type into your browser’s address bar.

Instead of entering XXXX, type the code for the category you wish to visit. For example, the code for the hidden library may be found in the chart given.

Subcategories Codes
Action & Adventure 1365
Anime 7424
Children & Family Movies 783
Classic Movies 31574
Comedies 6548
Cult Movies 7627
Cult Movies 7627
Dramas 5763
Faith & Spirituality 26835
Foreign Movies 7462
Gay & Lesbian Movies 5977
Horror Movies 8711
Independent Movies 7077
Music 1701
Romantic Movies 8883
Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1492
Sports Movies 4370
Thrillers 8933
TV Shows 83

With the assistance of an example, let’s clarify this idea even further. The code for anime is 7424, can take you directly to the anime category.

Here is the list of anime codes if you know what you want specifically.

  •       Adult Animation (11881)
  •       Anime Fantasy (11146)
  •       Anime Action (2653)
  •       Anime Dramas (452)
  •       Anime Comedies (9302)
  •       Anime Features (3063)
  •       Anime Sci-Fi (2729)
  •       Anime Horror (10695)
  •       Anime Series (6721)

You can also bookmark pages to make them easier to find later. Adding extensions like Netflix Categories and FindFlix to your browser will help you discover new categories.

Please note that this code is only useful for websites and will not work on mobile apps or smart TVs.


Using a secret code doesn’t have to navigate the service to get the title. Instead, just enter the code, navigate to the desired subcategory and select a title there.

You can use the time saved with the secret code to watch another program. Enjoy streaming!

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