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Five Reasons To Consider Cool Roof Solution For Commercial Buildings
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Five Reasons To Consider Cool Roof Solution For Commercial Buildings 

As we close to trouble days of summer, commercial building owners and managers are looking for the best way to reducing their cooling costs. This can be a critical issue for anyone whether you are planning to build a property or replacing an existing roof with a new one. That’s where the cool roof comes in!

What Is A Cool Roof?

Like wearing light-colored clothing can help keep you cool on a sunny day, cool roofs are made of highly reflective paint, a sheet covering or highly reflective tiles or shingles. A cool roof reflects more sunlight and absorbs lesser heat than a standard roof. Standard dark roofs can reach 150°F or more temperature in the summer sun. But when you install a cool roof system, it could stay more than 50°F cooler under the same condition and even save energy and money by using less air conditioning systems.

Why Consider A Cool Roof Solution For A Commercial Building?

Cool roof coating systems have become more popular among commercial building owners for good reasons. A cool roof system – whether existing roof or a new roof – has high solar reflectivity and the high thermal coated membrane that reflects infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths and radiates absorbed heat away from the roof. A cool roof is usually bright white but can also available in light-colored tan coatings. If you are still unsure why you should install a cool roof system in your commercial building, here are five convincing reasons you should install one.

Cool Roof Reason#1 – It Decrease Cooling Costs

Some research shows that a cool roof absorbs about 8% of the sun’s heat while a standard roof absorbs roughly 69% of the sun’s heat. It makes a huge difference in the buildings inside temperature. When a high-quality cool roof system is installed, the air temperature inside the building significantly decreases. Installing a cool roof on your business reduces your carbon footprint and helps your company move towards a more sustainable future. When your buildings inside temperature lows, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard, which will unavoidably prolong its life and reduce cooling costs? Plus, your employees, clients and customers will be happy you are contributing to sustainability and making your commercial building more comfortable with the cool roofing system.

Cool Roof Reason# 2 – It Reduces Life-Cycle Costs

With the installation of a cool roof that deflects heat, you can prolong your roof’s life as there will be less damage from heat. Cool roofing system reduces roof maintenance costs and extends the life span of the roof due to their highly reflective and emissive qualities. The cost of installing a brand new cool roof is not more than a regular roof installation. What’s more, a cool roof can save on energy, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Cool Roof Reason # 3 – It Provides Great Comfort and Productivity

If your employees are happy, so will your customers! And your business will become more successful! If you install a cool roof on your commercial building, it doesn’t need any AC for making the interior refresh and cool. That’s why any employees can spend a lot of time in a garage or a back room with no AC. Plus, during heat days, a cool roof could make a difference between life and death, especially if there is an outage.

Cool Roof Reason # 4 – It Strengthens the Electric Grid

Cool roofs help reduce excess the area that is significantly warmer than surrounding areas due to human activity and temperature. When it comes to energy demand, a small change in temperature makes a big difference. Thus, having a cool roof coating system helps strengthen the electric grid in your area and lowers the chance of an outage.

Cool Roof Reason # 5 – It Is Environmentally Friendly

A cool roof coating system is very low in VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) and has no harmful or strong odors. Cool roof systems reduce emissions in the atmosphere by decreasing on air-conditioning usage. Sustainable and reflective, these roofs allow you to renew your roof indefinitely, avoiding a costly tear-off and decreasing waste that contributes to over-flowing landfills.

There are so many reasons you should install a cool roof on your commercial property. It not only lowers your carbon footprint but also saves you energy and money.

Types of Roofs and How They Can Be Made Cool

There are several roofing systems available in the market. However, the surface exposed to the sun is the one that decides whether a roof is cool or not. With the appropriate surface selection, you can make a new or existing roof cool. Here are some examples of common roof types and how they can be made cool.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up-roofs (BUR) are the most common roofing material used on low-slope roofs. It is made of alternating layers of bitumen and is finished with a top layer of comprehensive such as stone or gravel that is usually black or dark grey. You can use UV-resistant white mineral fiberglass surface or coating to make this roof cool.

Metal Roofs

If you have a metal roof, you can simply paint the surface with a reflective coating to make it cool during the summer season.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is made of plastic or rubber material and reinforcing materials. You can make this type of roof cool simply by adding a cool-roof coating so that you can get a high solar reflectance.

Tiles or Shingles

If you have a steeper-sloped commercial building, tiles or shingles are perfect roofing systems. Asphalt shingles are coated with specially granules to provide better solar reflectance that leads cool interior environment.  Tiles are available with solar-reflective surfaces in various colors so you can choose one to make your roof cool.

Single-Ply Roofing

The single-ply roof is a pre-fabricated sheet and attached with mechanical fasteners. Make sure you can use this roofing product with UV and highly reflective surfaces to make it cool.

The Bottom Line!

So, these are five reasons why you should consider a cool roofing system for your commercial building. And you have also understood how to make common roof cool in summer. Whether you want to install a new cool roof or make cool the existing one, it is wise to contact an experienced roof contractors for commercial roof restoration.

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