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On the center of Pichola lake stands the eighteenth-century royal palace, the Jag Niwas. The palace is renowned with elegance and holds the pristine glory forms the reasons for the majestic stay at five-star Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur. The five-star palace hotel has followed the tradition of grand royal experience and formal embankment of traditionally well-authentic culture. The authenticity of the royal life experience of the kings is the main focus that makes the stay at the place worth the value of money. The amenities provided by the team in the Venice of East, the city of Udaipur, rises high and unparalleled when compared to the others.

The extended palaces, serene pleasant lake experience, resplendent scenic view, and exotic location with the experience of vintage cars make one impressed and motivated to experience and explore the royal welcome repeated times. The palace became famous worldwide with the featuring of James Bond’s movie ‘Octopussy’ at the palace. No place can match the exotic fairy-tale location of the same for a destination wedding and romantic honeymoons. Right from the check-in till the check out the best property and amazing hospitality are available at your service to make you feel relaxed and cared for. The admirable staff and round-the-clock butler service add to the wonderful affair.

Taj lake palace is in marble with architectural magical features have the princely décor makes you feel like a king or queen on the floating island. The stay at Taj Lake Palace is even worth selling one’s heart to make a stay at the place. The stay is hassle-free and royal.

The royal, traditional welcome is enough to make you feel heavenly and pampered in the arms of luxury and royalty. The calm and pleasant breezes make you forget the tiresome journey. The palace can be considered as one of the important and elegant Indian romantic destinations.

Different types of accommodations at Taj Palace, Udaipur

With a total of approximately 66 rooms and suites, the Taj palace provides an outstanding view and a lifetime experience of a staycation. The grandeur is the ultimate one of its kind experience during the stay. Here is an overview of the various rooms and suites at the place.

  • Luxurious rooms: The royal styled elegant huge rooms combined with the everlasting heavenly view of the lake, hills, and city make the stay worth its monetary value. The most prominent factor of 24-hours butler service is really appreciable and considerable.
  • Rooms at the palace itself: The positive royal vibes accompanied with magnificent décor and craftsmanship are definitely interesting. The palace really appeals to your heart and soul.
  • Decorated royal suites: The traditional Rajasthani décor, paintings, and wooden fans are enough to take you closer to the panoramic view of the interiors.
  • Grand suites (royal and presidential): Both these are true embodiments of royal luxury. The original décor, exceptional glory, as well as luxury, bring out a mix of Rajasthani and English charm.

Varieties of dining areas

One of the reasons for the majestic stay at five-star Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur is prominent is that it owns the best dining property for all types of cuisines. The dine-in at the palace is really an awesome experience and everything is provided at a valuable property location. The dining options can be explained under the following heads.

  • The rooftop dining experience, Bhairo: The delicious European delicacies and cuisine mark your way to satisfy your appetite here. The simply stunning and admirable lake view while dining makes the experience unforgettable.
  • Neel Kamal: The place is popular for its Rajasthani and traditional delicacies and cuisine. The ambiance of the lily pond and traditional culture makes it the finest authentic royal cuisine service view of the city.
  • Jharokha: The multi-cuisine restaurant serves the best worldwide dishes. The restaurant also offers a seasoned bar to the clients.
  • Amrit Sagar: The restaurant offers the finest alcohol, old wines, and Cohiba cigars at its bars.

Quality experience

  • Welcome, a royal start: The real experience of royalty and honor starts with the royal entry into the palace. The shower of flowers, the escorting guards, etc. make the experience really divine and enchanting.
  • Walk and explore heritage: With every step, you keep on walking close to exploring the rich and royal heritage of the site. Exploring such a historical site is really an awesome experience. The walk is actually informative as well as beautiful. It gives you a traditional insight into the ancient life and status of women.
  • 150-year-old dining boat: The best part of the stay is the dining experience on a 150-year-old boat. That’s really the complete package of delicacies with the delightful view of scenic beauty.
  • Private butler service: The personalized experience is enhanced with the 24-hour private butler services.
  • The relinquishing spa on the lake: The rejuvenating jiva spa is the signature experience of aromatherapy, scrubs, and full body, mind, and soul relaxation therapies. The luxury stands a lifetime experience in a special way. The experience is actually a treat for the body, physically as well as mentally.

Sightseeing options

  • Palace view: Exploring the magnetic and finely detailed architecture of the palace is a real achievement of the stay at Pichola lake.
  • Vintage car ride: car lovers may like to explore the rides on vintage cars. The palace offers a special amenity of a tour of the city in a Rolls Royce. Though everything costs something but the automobile lovers are the ones who can understand the same as legendary.
  • The magnifying sunset view: While you are at the magnificent Taj lake palace, the breath-stealing sunset boat ride is highly a magical experience over the beautiful lake Pichola.
  • Journey to Sajjangarh: The journey is actually an explicit journey of the past. The same is made even more exciting with the best journey of Sajjangarh wildlife sanctuary.

With the above-mentioned points, the hospitality of the staff really adds to the quality of the same. The additional facilities like:

  • Free wifi
  • Airport shuttle
  • Swimming pools
  • Wonderful breakfast
  • Best room service etc. makes your stay worth reliving and flavor of life. The feature of online booking and no penalty on cancellation (terms and conditions applied) make it even easier to make bookings and avoid stress. Even the rates can be compared with reference to different online sites.

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