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Flooring Trends For Spring

As spring comes around, you may be thinking about renovating your house and what some of the flooring trends for spring are. There is no purpose in remodeling your home if you do not know the recent trends. Keeping up to date with flooring trends can make a large difference in how your home is viewed by others, especially if you are trying to sell it for some reason. 

If you are ready to learn about the latest flooring trends for spring, grab your hammer and flooring tools, and let’s get started! 

Stone Polymer Composite Flooring

Stone polymer composite flooring, or SPC flooring as it is better known, is the latest in modern flooring trends. It comes in a large amount of styles and designs, so you will be able to discern the best style or design for your own flooring needs. The best rooms to put SPC flooring in are the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry rooms.

Some of the best features of SPC flooring are that it is cost-efficient, it is highly durable, and it is resistant to water. No longer do you need to worry about your flooring being ruined by water spilling on it. This flooring is not the best idea for living rooms or bedrooms, though, and you should steer clear of placing it anywhere outside of the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.

Hardwood Flooring

Another excellent idea for flooring if you want to keep up with the recent flooring trends is hardwood flooring. This flooring type is best for areas of your home where lots of people will be walking, thanks to its high durability.

Not only that, but hardwood flooring is one of the few flooring types that never go out of style and has been around for decades now. Contemporary hardwood flooring styles tend to be the best if you want to keep up with the times. These hardwood flooring styles tend to come in blondes, grays, and whites, giving your home a refreshing view.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another flooring style that is rarely out of style. There is a large assortment of styles that you can go with to give your home your own unique feel and look. Laminated flooring has even gotten to the level of design where it can look exactly like other more expensive types of flooring.

Laminate flooring is cheap, easy to take care of, and it tends to have a high durability. You can never go wrong using laminate flooring in your home, and since it is in style, that makes it an even better option for your home. 


It can be difficult to keep up with recent flooring trends, but it will turn into an easy task by doing your research. It can also be helpful to check out what other people are doing for flooring when it comes to their homes and use something similar to what they are doing. You now know three of the best flooring trends for spring.