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Funny Deez Nuts Jokes Good To Laugh

Looking for the funniest and best Deez nuts jokes to make everyone laugh today? We have 66 options to choose from.

For U.S. citizens, the term “death nut” is one of the most common. The term “death contract” was first used in 1992 by Drs. Dre’s album “The Chronicle” was done. It actually said “Days Newts” on the CD. Thanks to this album, the phrase has already received international attention. The term Death Nuts started appearing in songs around 1993.

Deez Nuts Jokes

People forgot about him after a few years, but he resurfaced in 2015 when Instagram user “welvendgreat” posted a video of him telling a dark joke over the phone to a friend on his account. The boy became an internet celebrity a few days later. The word broke all records when it was first used.

Funny jokes

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New funny jokes and best death jokes for humor and entertainment
Who uses the Death Nut?

Conclusion: The most beautiful death jokes for everyone.

New funny jokes and best death jokes for humor and entertainment
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hello dear! I need new shoes. Can I get money from you??

Hi, I can’t hear “BUTS”.

of the nations. Well, just roll the dice.
I heard you called Soko, is that true? Who is Soko? Walnut Day!

2. Do you know Candace?

Who is Candace? Do death nuts fit in your mouth?


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