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where do I get the cheap hajj packages for 2020 in the USA

where do I get the cheap hajj packages for 2020 in the USA 

Largest pilgrimage of Islam towards Mecca in which millions of Muslims perform hajj every year through cheap hajj packages. Muslims come from all over the world to Mecca for this holy Activity which is also the part of five basic pillars of Islam. Being a Muslim, everyone wishes to perform hajj at least once in its life. Only the lucky ones get the chance for this holiest activity. 


As you know, hajj is performed in Mecca, Saudi Arabia which is the holiest site of Islam. Therefore, everyone has to reach Mecca on time to perform hajj that is performed in the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. Therefore, everyone starts preparing its stuff, luggage, tickets, visa, and everything else to go to Mecca. Muslims come from different countries all over the world to perform this holy activity. Last year approximately 2.5 million Muslims performed hajj which is the largest pilgrimage of history. Such a large number of pilgrims come to mecca through different travel & tour agencies.

What is a travel & tour agency?

A travel & tour agency is one that takes you to and from a specific designation under a specific travel & tour package. The package includes all those things that you might require before, during, and after the tour. The Islamic travel & tour agencies provide Hajj and Umrah packages. These packages include everything which a pilgrim needs to perform hajj or umrah. Undoubtedly, the travel & tour agencies are playing a vital role in the performance of Hajj every year. Otherwise, it was so difficult for such a large amount of pilgrims to come mecca and perform Hajj without any trouble.

Why hajj packages are so useful to perform hajj?

If you have ever performed hajj or umrah you must understand the importance of hajj packages. A pilgrim from the USA who wants to perform hajj does not understand what to do and where to go. This is a lengthy and very difficult task to perform hajj without any guidance and assistance. Therefore, everyone performs hajj through the travel & tour agencies under specific hajj packages in the USA.

Hajj package is one that includes the following things for the pilgrims:

Arabian Visa:

This is an important thing that an American needs before going to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj. Every Muslim from another country requires Arabian Visa to perform hajj. Therefore, the hajj packages include a visa for the particular person who wants to buy a hajj package. The agency prepares your documents and then provides you the visa within a short time.

Air-tickets booking:

You cannot go to Saudi Arabia by road or by ship if you want to reach on time. Therefore, air tickets are the second most important requirement for hajj. The hajj travel agency will arrange the air tickets to and from Saudi Arabia. You don’t need to worry about the air-ticket booking when you get a hajj package.

Transport facility throughout the hajj tour:

No matter where the pilgrims have to travel during the hajj tour, the hajj travel agency will provide a transport facility. The charges of the transport would be included in the hajj package that is paid only once. You don’t need to wait for the taxi or minicab to take you to and from a place in Saudi Arabia.

Accommodation facility in Mecca & Medina:

Hajj tour is not completed within a day or two. You have to live in Mecca & Medina for many days. Therefore, a suitable and comfortable residence is required to spend a memorable time in the holy cities. The travel agency will arrange accommodation for you in suitable and affordable residential hotels. You might not aware of the rents and other rules of the hotels in Mecca & Medina. Therefore, it is better to ask the travel agency to arrange accommodation.

Moreover, a travel agency also arranges food, travel facility for ziarat, and guidance to perform hajj, etc.

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