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Discount in Netflix packages in Germany, NZ, IND, PHL

Awais Irshad
Awais Irshad
4 Min Read

Students get discounts in every area of life no matter what they want to buy. Sales can be increased by offering discounts to students. Like this, Netflix can also increase the number of subscribers by offering Netflix student discounts in Netflix every country. Here we discuss the methods to help the students of Germany, NZ, India, and Philippines for a discount. Many people already shared the methods of Netflix student discount, but now it’s 2021 so we did our research according to it.

How to get a discount in Germany in 2021

Still, there is no student discount from Netflix even in 2021, the current price of the Netflix basic plan in Germany is 7.99 euros. And the standard and premium price is 11.99 euros and 15.99 euros respectively. It is clear that there is no official discount on the Netflix website but they offer more screens to watch in standard and premium packages. So you can buy these two plans with the collaboration of friends and family members. With this technique, you can avail Netflix on HD screens in less amount. It is a kind of discount especially for students and teenagers. Especially the money heist season 5 is going to release in 2021, so students will love to have a Netflix account. 

How to get a discount in New Zealand 

Netflix is also very popular in New Zealand and it has a huge library of shows, movies, and series. So people love to spend their time on it. Netflix subscribers who are confused and not able to buy a personal Netflix account must read this content. 

Netflix free trial method is the best method to watch Netflix free of cost, you can get a free trial many times with different Gmail accounts. Netflix offers a 30 days free trial for every single user, so we are sharing the technique to get free Netflix for more than 30 days. You have to cancel the free trial before reaching the 30 days and subscribe again for the next whole month and repeat this process and so on. 

How to get a discount in India in 2021

Netflix is very popular among Indians, it is considered the biggest entertainment platform in 2021. The big news for Indians is the biggest and their favorite “the Kapil Sharma show” is on Netflix. So they need a discount very much, they also follow the above-defined method to get Netflix in less amount. Also, use promo codes for further discounts on Netflix. 

How to get a discount in the Philippines in 2021

The current price of the Netflix basic package in the Philippines is p370, the standard package price is p460, and the premium price is p564. There is no official discount for students from Netflix but they can get it by using special promo codes and vouchers. Another method to get a discount is “buy the premium package”, it offers 4 HD screens to watch Netflix at a time. By using this we can share the screens and amount with our friends and family members. The benefit is if a single person buys a basic package, it is much expensive than a sharing amount of premium package.  

Hopefully, you like our research and implement these methods personally, they will be helpful to you. 

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