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Get Insights About The Document Checklist of 417 Visa

Get Insights About The Document Checklist of 417 Visa 

Are you aged between 18 to 31 years? Well, enough of asking your dad to fund your holiday trip abroad. It’s high time that you should earn and fund your foreign holiday costs that too somewhere like Australia. The only way by which you can do this is by applying for the 417 Visa Australia effectively. This particular visa lets you work and travel in Australia continuously for one year.

A gateway to other Australian Visas

What can be more gratifying if you can work in Australia to afford your entire travel cost all by yourself? The Working Holiday Visa provides youths the opportunity to explore Australia and its work culture painstakingly. That’s why this particular visa is also believed to be a prospective gateway to migrate to some other Australian visas successfully. The Australian immigration department will also grant you another 417 visa only if your present circumstances are convincing enough.

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Pre-requisites to apply for a second working holiday visa 417

The Department of Home Affairs will grant you another Working Holiday Visa 417 but on specific grounds. They will firstly ensure that you did work in Australia with your first 417 visa by staying lawful. They will also provide this fact that you are still complying with the age criterion about this visa. This invariably requires you to be between 18 to 31 years of age and not more than that. Each of these visas lets you stay in Australia for a period of 1 year and not above that.

A comprehensive document checklist of the 417 visa

Well, successfully applying for the working holiday visa 417 also requires you to gather a few essential documents. After you have gathered all these documents, you need to attach and upload them along with your visa application. A complete checklist of these documents will give you an exactitude about the credentials which you need to submit

  1. Character Documents

Character documents include character certificates from the legal authorities and police from the country where you are staying.

  1. Financial Documents

 You must have sufficient funds to afford your stay in Australia constantly for 1 year with the 417 visa. So, you need to show substantial financial documents to the Australian government for this. The most appropriate financial documents can be your income tax returns in this regard.

  1. Identity Documents

The most compatible identity document is undoubtedly the valid passport that you are holding currently pertaining to your home country. You should also make sure that your parent’ names are included in your recent passport. If it is not there, then, you can show some other documents to substantiate your parents’ identity as well. These possibly include a document issued by the government or court of law or a family book.

The cost of the working holiday 417 visa

The cost of the working holiday 417 visa AU$440. This is the primary cost of the 417 visa and you may have to pay a few additional amounts as well. These conventionally include expenses for biometrics, police certificates and a few health evaluation purposes.

Compliance with the eligibility criteria

So, do you wish to apply for the Working Holiday Visa 417 to work and travel in Australia? If your reply is yes, then, you must meet certain eligibility criteria before applying. Take a look at each of these criteria to get a clear understanding.

  • You shouldn’t owe any debts to the government of Australia.
  • You should hold your own health insurance and not Medicare i.e. Australia’s National Health Scheme. Conversely, you can be the holder of Medicare only if your country shares a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia.
  • Do meet all the health and character requirements without a failure.
  • The working holiday visa 417 also requires you meet a particular age criterion. According to this, you should be between 18 to 31 years and not more than that.
  • You should be the passport holder of an eligible country.
  • You shouldn’t have entered Australia with a Work and Holiday (Temporary) Visa Subclass 462 previously.
  • You should substantiate that you want to come to and stay in Australia as a genuine visitor. This requires you to enter Australia either for visiting your family or friends, recreation or as a tourist.
  • You also need to prove that you are financially capable enough to support your entire stay in Australia. This also demands you to prove that you can buy an onward travel ticket the moment your holiday ceases.
  • You cannot bring your children along with you to Australia on your working holiday 417 visa.

When you feel that your first 417 visa is about to expire, then you can apply for another one. This way, you can continue staying in Australia to serve the purposes as you did with your previous visa. In order to apply for your second 417 visa, you must meet the following requirements effectively as well.

  • You must have served at least a period of 3 months on your first working holiday visa 417.
  • You should be below 31 years of age.
  • You should be the holder of only a single working holiday visa previously and
  • You shouldn’t have violated any of the Australian laws while staying in the country on your first visa 417.

Remember, that there are certain rights which you are entitled to while working in Australia on your first 417 visa. These allow you to work in Australia for the next 1 year unhesitatingly. This visa also enables you to study but not for more than 4 months. During this period of 1 year, you are entitled to work with two separate employers consecutively for 6 months each. You can even travel to and from Australia as many times as you want until your 417 visa is valid.

What else?

You can also optimize your superannuation account after departing from Australia with your subclass 417 visa. After you are granted another 417 visa, you can stay in Australia lawfully for an additional period of 1 year. Furthermore, you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want on your second 417 visa. So, apply for the working holiday 417 visa in assistance of the best Registered Migration Agent today. Your Immigration Agent Perth will provide you high-quality immigration services for you to apply for the 417 visa effectually.

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