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How to Get Some Off Your Chest

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Secrets can be difficult to keep. Your first priority should be to avoid any secrets. Some things can be difficult to digest. You might know something that you were not supposed to know and now it’s bothering you. If you find yourself in a situation where you know something that should be shared, but it could hurt you or people around you, here are a few things you can do.

Share it Anonymously

You can honor the reason why you are keeping it to yourself and still get the load off your chest. You want to share it with other people, but you don’t want to get involved personally. So, you should write it down and share it anonymously.

Sit and write your heart out and publish that piece on a website that can keep your identity a secret. One of the best sites for this is The Doe. They validate every story and then publish it without sharing the information of the writer.

Think of Your Image

Think about what people think of someone who can’t keep a secret. If you are about to share something that is not your secret, you are not just sabotaging the other person’s image but also yours.

You will be viewed as someone childish. You would want to get it off your chest, but it is going to hurt your image. It becomes your responsibility the moment you get to know it. Even if it’s your own secret, sharing it with others will at least not improve your image.

Talk to Your Pet

If you can’t share it with anyone else, you can share it with your pet. They listen to their owners calmly and never share their secrets with anyone. 

Talking to them will make you feel better. You can also rest assured that no one will know what you told them. They are good at secret-keeping since they don’t know the human language.

Keep Yourself Busy

There couldn’t be a better way to keep something to yourself without getting bothered than staying busy. You should know that you are better than letting one little issue disturb you. You have a life with many important things and people.

You can let one problem control your happiness. This is why you should notice the time when it starts bothering you, and you should particularly stay busy during those hours. Find yourself a new hobby or start reading a book to stay distracted.

Pretend it Never Happened

You become what you act like. Act long enough and you will start to believe a lie. If you want to get over a secret or some hard-to-digest information, you should pretend like it never happened. 

You make yourself believe that no such event ever took place and no one ever told you anything. Keep your mind calm by saying that it didn’t happen. You will have to lie to a few people, and it will be uncomfortable in the beginning but you get used to it eventually. 

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