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What are Gold Hedge Funds and How Do They Operate?
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What are Gold Hedge Funds and How Do They Operate? 

In simple terms, a hedge fund is a sum of money contributed by the investors, run by a fund manager whose main purpose is to maximize gains. In the case of gold hedge funds, as the name suggests, you specialize in the gold market. You have someone else to control your gold investments because either you don’t have the time or the required experience to do so. The person who helps you do so by using their knowledge so that you earn some profit and you would have to share that with them.

Gold Hedge Funds Strategy

The ultimate assessment of the strategy can be done by how it performs in real market conditions by showing us the percentage return on the strategy or by comparing it with the previously-chosen benchmark, which in this case will be the gold itself. In this situation, we compare the return of a gold hedge fund to the return on the yellow metal. Another way is to analyze if it is making a profit or not.

It is necessary to look at the risk factor that comes with this kind of investment. One way of doing is to measure the standard deviation of return, i.e., how much the returns have tended to change over a specific time duration—the lower the rate, lesser the inconsistency, more stable the return of the strategy. However, low levels in the past do not necessarily continue. Other methods include the maximum drawdown (the largest peak-to-trough decline in the value of a portfolio) and the maximum drawdown duration (the period to recover from the maximum drawdown to new highs).

According to multiple articles from Gold News Australia, risks and returns can be combined to know how well the fund performed as compared to how consistent its returns were. One can do so by Sharp ratio. Funds with a higher sharp ratio mean a favorable combination of returns and stability as compared with the lower ratio values.

While choosing an investment strategy, it is crucial to look at the measures discussed above and to check whether the selected and deployed gold investment strategy is sound. If you are getting high returns due to high risk, it can be a result of your good fortune or the gold investment strategy that you have deployed. Either way, you have got to be sure of what is right, as your good luck will only be successful in the short run. When evaluating your gold hedge fund, what you should be looking for is what the hedge fund does, and whether or not the way it operates is the most feasible. It is best to have a good strategy in place as your good fortune eventually wears out.

The most basic gold hedge funds consist of a pool of investments in gold. The strategy of investment is pitched by hedge fund managers and investors whose goals align with these strategies and choose to submit their funds.

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