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Guidance on the Preparation of the Duolingo English Test

To make higher education accessible to overseas students across the world, the Duolingo English Test is created. It is an online language test that costs only $49 and only takes one hour to complete. Because the test format is different from the other language tests, therefore, it is important to learn every aspect of this ahead of the test date. 

Due to different formats and syllabi, the majority of the students get confused about how to start the exam preparation. If you are one of them then don’t worry! In this post, we guide you through the entire preparation process for the DET 2024. To know everything in detail, continue reading this till the end. 

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Here is the list of topmost steps that one should follow to get an incredible score on the DET:

Gather all the required information for the exam

Conduct some research through a quick video walkthrough of the exam, on YouTube, and playlists for useful information. Familiar yourself with the types of questions, scoring system, and much more. Make a habit of daily practice via online available resources. 

Before the test Tips

  • Choose a comfortable, and quiet place to concentrate on the test preparation. Additionally, your study area should have enough light and privacy.
  • Ensure that you have all the docs required for a test such as ID proof. A computer and a good internet connection are other requirements for the test day.
  • Try to purchase the test in advance, so that you can directly start your test when you feel eligible for it.
  • Selecting the time for the test is also essential. However, there is no restriction on the time, you can take the test anytime. But it is advisable that always go for the timing that seems most preferable to you or you feel productive. In other words, select the time that is best for you.

Tips for the test day: Set yourself up for success

  • Make sure that you have at least one hour for the test so this time you must be free from external noises. Tell everyone around you not to enter your testing area. You may even print a sign to display on your door!
  • Avoid using headphones, as they will hinder your test from being certified. Your face and ears must be visible during the test. 
  • Read all of the test-taking rules carefully to ensure that your test is both secure and valid. The test will also remind you of the regulations just before you begin.
  • To get into the correct attitude for the test, practice your English shortly before it. Try speaking aloud to a buddy, viewing an English-language show or podcast, or reading an article.

Tips for During the test: Stay Focused 

  • Because the test is conducted online, therefore you must remain focused on the screen throughout. It may be natural to look away or become sidetracked when thinking but do your best to remain focused on the test.
  • Unlike previous examinations, the Duolingo English Test includes only one portion, which contains an adaptive set of questions covering all Duolingo English skills. These activities are short and predictive, so you won’t have to read or write long texts.
  • Take note of the time restriction for each question presented on the screen, and do your best to write or speak as much as possible before it expires.
  • Following the graded phase, you will complete an ungraded video interview and written sample. These are shared along with your scores to universities.

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the above post provides you a complete information on the preparation of the DET from the preparation to the exam day. We hope that this content will be beneficial to you. All the best!