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A  Guide on Virtual Conferences and Events in 2020 & Beyond

A Guide on Virtual Conferences and Events in 2020 & Beyond 

Go virtual is the new trend that is flourishing in recent times. The outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020 has resulted in a shift of many in-person events to virtual ones!

Even though virtual events are in prevalence for a long time, an enormous incline towards live virtual events has been recorded recently. Several organizations, whether big or small, opted for virtual conferencing to communicate with clients, business partners.

Launch a virtual conference on the best virtual conference platform to strategize business goals for the coming years remotely.we have shared a complete guide on virtual events and meetings that allows your organization to leverage the key metrics and benefits it serves.

What are virtual events?

Events that are organized online in a virtual space and allow organizations, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to interact in real-time remotely are known as virtual events.

The virtual event comprises interactive conferencing tools such as live streaming, audio/video/chat texts, live polling, surveys, etc. that allows keeping the audience engaged throughout the event, thus delivering immersive event experiences.

Every organization to carry out internal and external events seamlessly on virtual event platforms. The virtual event format enables organizers to create engaging content by including live virtual consultation or chat rooms, speakers, panelists & live product demos.

The first choice of marketers to deliver the content and reach the maximum potential target audiences in real-time, thus amplifying better engagements and magnifying better lead generation.

A shift to virtual conferences

The power of face to face interactions can never be beaten, but the uncertain times like today have shown a significant impact on the upcoming future events.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020, organizations have shifted their professional events, meetings, and conferences online, thus ensuring the health and safety of their attendees, customers, sponsors, team leads, employees & clients.

Conference live streaming solutions offer new opportunities for professionals to communicate freely in real-time and get their message conveyed to attendees residing in any corner of the globe.

Virtual conferences have become a part of every organization’s hybrid event strategy that combines a convergence of both in-person and digital event experiences. Even though virtual events are familiar to all for quite some time, but the changing scenario of 2020 shows, it will take over in-person events shortly.

3 Main reasons to switch to Virtual events:

  1. Expanded Reach

Virtual events are far more accessible than traditional in-person events. Anyone from anywhere around the world from any browser or device can have access to live.

  1. Better Engagement and Increased Participation

Live virtual events drive better engagements while allowing organizers, event sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees in real-time via interactive tools such as audio/video/text chats. Virtual conferencing witnesses enhanced participation as it allows global delegates to tune in from their remote locations. It helps organizations in achieving their goals with greater ease.

  1. Time & Budget Efficient

Virtual events are cost-effective and time-efficient when compared to in-person events. The resource spent on accommodation, food, drink, travel, etc., gets completely cut off with virtual games.

Online events require less time in planning as host virtual event platforms only take about a month for a complete setup, which is a lot less than in-person events. In real games, right from meetings with sponsors & vendors, selecting an event location, hiring a virtual event service provider, and so on is done at least six months before the actual event.

What are the types of virtual events hosted by organizations?

Virtual events have evolved from typical webinar formats and have gone beyond. Here is a list of types of virtual games that helps in driving better engagement and amplifying the event reach, thus resulting in better lead generations and revenues.

  1. Roundtables

As the name suggests, roundtables are a great virtual venue that offers exclusive experiences to a small group of attendees. It works the same way in a virtual space as in a physical environment. It allows event organizers to exarch their list of attendees and offers content to limited guests.

In virtual roundtables, attendees are divided into smaller groups along with a moderator to have an interactive discussion, thus delivering an immersive virtual experience.

  1. Keynotes

Keynotes are used to set up the tone for big conferences and summits. Virtual keynote speech magnifies the speaker’s message by reaching a wider segment of audiences without any geographical restrictions.

  1. Conference

Virtual conferences allow bringing people together under one roof virtually. It not only helps to reach a wider audience but offers new ways to engage and interact with attendees and share valuable insights without having to travel. Virtual conferences offer interactive features like live chat, Q&A sessions, etc. that enables real-time interactions, thus boosting attendance and participation. Virtual conferencing offers endless possibilities to leverage.

  1. Internal virtual Events

Virtual events are a part of every organization nowadays, right from hosting Town Hall meetings, Annual general meetings, virtual onboarding of new hires, company’s activities, interdepartmental meetings, training, and many more all are carried out virtually on the virtual event platform. It allows you to carry your internal communications in a safe and secure environment. Private fun events of your organization can also be carried out virtually, thus keeping everyone engaged, thus bringing smiles.

Tips to keep the audience engaged throughout the virtual event:

  1. Create unique content

Content always remains the king. Determine the objective before you plan to host a virtual conference or an event. Identify the needs of your audiences and address them through engaging content to boost better engagement.

  1. Give a touch of Personalization.

Personalize your virtual conference or events for attendees’ to achieve the set goals. Take advantage of technology and enable personalized messaging that allows attendees to ask their queries in real-time.

  1. Select speakers who hold knowledge about the subject

The speaker plays a significant role in keeping your event attendees engaged. Select an event speaker that holds the knowledge of the subject and can answer the questions of attendees.

  1. Keep your events interactive.

Create offers and organize Q&A sessions, polls, surveys, etc. to engage the audience interactively. Offer on-demand content for the audience who missed out on the live virtual event.

Time to go virtual! Plan your next virtual event to deliver exquisite virtual experiences to attendees around the globe.

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