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Ultimate guidelines about Granite Countertops

The top advantages of granite countertops include affordability, durability, beauty, and appearance. If any of these advantages appeal to you, then granite is definitely a top choice for your kitchen countertop.

As granite countertops continue to gain popularity among homeowners, a number of questions about the material arise. Although there are a number of advantages of granite countertop, some people still have questions regarding this product that can be answered below.

Heat resister:

The first advantage of granite countertops is that it is very resistant to heat and scratches, which make it a preferred choice for kitchen countertop. However, it should be noted that in hot kitchens, it is best to place hot pots and pans on top of granite countertops so as to prevent them from burning or damaging the surface.

Extremely durable:

In addition, homeowners find granite to be very appealing, with its elegant, yet simple designs. Another advantage of the granite countertop is that they are extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. . In terms of clean up, all that needs is a basic mild detergent, which is safe for most surfaces.

The appearance of countertops:

Another advantage of granite is the appearance of the countertop. Most people prefer the natural beauty of granite to that of most man-made materials. This natural stone has a shine that cannot be duplicated by man-made materials.

Because of this, many people choose granite for their kitchen countertop. One disadvantage of using granite in your home is that you will need to periodically coat the countertop in order to keep it looking its best.

Installing of granite countertops:

When installing granite countertops, you will first need to measure the space in which it will be placed. You should also consider any and all obstacles that could be encountered when installing it. Generally speaking, granite countertops take up about two to four feet of space, depending on the size of the slab you purchase.

Measure and determine the amount of money you will be spending on the installation, including any potential discounts provided to you when you buy multiple pieces from the same supplier.

Type of granite countertops:

There are several different types of granite, including white, black, and igneous rock. The name “granite” comes from the Greek word graphs which means “great”. Granite countertops are extremely durable, resistant to heat, stain, and bacteria. Because of their durability, they are using to help create a backsplash or in-counter space.

Granite is highly resistant to scratching, but because of its natural beauty. It can scratch if placed against metal or sharp items in the kitchen.

Why do people choose granite countertops?

When choosing colors and patterns, however, you should take into account the fact that granite is one of the harder materials to install in a kitchen. These alternatives, such as solid surfaces or glass tops, can be less expensive and more attractive than granite.


Despite its many advantages, one disadvantage of granite is its price. Granite, like most other stones, is costly, and this is something that some people don’t consider when planning to install granite in their kitchen. While the price may be a consideration when buying one, it should not be the only one.

One disadvantage of granite countertops is that they are typically quite expensive, especially compared to cheaper materials such as wood. As most homeowners are aware, though, a good quality stone is worth the expense.

Cost of labour:

One of the biggest disadvantages of installing granite in your kitchen is the cost of labour. Granite is a difficult material to work with, requiring an adequate amount of training and experience in order to install it effectively.

Homeowners often have to hire professionals in order to install granite countertop because of the difficulty in handling this type of stone. In addition, because of nature by which granite is cut, homeowners who are not experts at cutting stones might damage their countertop.


Granite countertops have long been a favourite choice for homeowners and those in the home design and decorating industry. But its supply is relatively not as abundant as that of quartz and other synthetic materials used for the countertop.

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