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Handy Ideas for Adding Extra Storage to Your House

No matter how spacious your house is, there’s always a shortage of storage space. A proper storage space in a home ensures minimum clutter in the home, and helps to keep it tidy and in a mint condition of flats for sale. However, those living in smaller residences face a major problem as there’s no storage space there. Even if there is, it isn’t enough for them to store their belongings properly.

If you live in such a living space, we have got this perfect solution for you that will enable you to add extra storage to your home. The best part about these handy ideas is that they can be adopted even if you live in one of the luxury apartments in Mumbai. 

Let’s take a look at them:

Ottoman Storage

Multipurpose furniture is a good way of adding invisible storage to your place. There are many furniture pieces that you can use for this purpose. One such furniture piece is the ottoman which also comes with a hidden under-the-seat storage space. The storage space is of the size of the ottoman and can be easily used to store your extra cushions, linens, draperies and even blankets.

Along with providing extra storage, the ottoman is multipurpose itself. You can readily use it as extra seating, footstool and even as a coffee table by placing a tray on top of it. And the best part of adding these storage spaces is that they are out of sight. Because of its effectiveness in providing abundant storage space most of the flats for sale in Mumbai have used this idea for adding extra storage.

Add a Storage Bed

Another great example of utilizing everyday items as storage is by adding storage space to your bed. Nowadays, many beds come with built-in drawers and cabinet spaces that you can use for storing your extra beddings. Not only storage beds come in handy for stacking your linens, some even have compartments flats for sale where you can display your art or book collection.    

Cabinets Hanging on the Wall

If the rooms in your apartment are big, you can install cabinets on the walls. Such cabinets can be purchased easily. You just have to fix flats for sale them on the walls and you’re all good to go! This trick is particularly handy for adding extra storage space to your bathroom and laundry room as they’re always short on storage. 

Brain the Gaps 

Embrace that little corner or thin pathway with a polished answer for abnormal spaces. The Fresh Exchange demonstrates that a bunch of thin cupboards finished off with wood is all you need to fill in these neglected spots. This adaptable arrangement is an alluring method to score some extra room in a no man’s land. 

Flavor Up Your Storage 

Make your kid’s closet a show-stopper with this savvy, spending plan well disposed stunt. With the assistance of a little paint, an altered flavor rack changes into a lovable attire rack that serves as a presentation rack. Track down this helpful IKEA hack at Piper and Poppies. 

Hanging Pot Rack

If you are short on space in your kitchen, this amazing idea will definitely help you out. You just have to add a stand for hanging your kitchen utensils. Hanging your pots and cooking spoons will make ample storage space for you to store your machinery and supplies within the cabinets. You can easily create a hanging pot rack using copper pipes on your own. Doing so, not only stores your pots but also gives your kitchen a cosy rustic appeal.

Wall Cubbies

Adding wooden cubes on the walls isn’t only great for displaying your artefacts but it can also serve as a bookcase for storing your books. Likewise, these storage spaces are really practical if you have kids, you can use them for storing your kid’s toys. Furthermore, you can paint these cubbies in different colours to make them more fun to see.

Utilize Your Dead Spaces

Corners, recessed areas, areas under the windows are great for adding extra storage cabinets and shelves. You can effortlessly transform useless nooks and corners in your house into amazing storage spaces by simply adding a few cubbies, racks or even by adding some cabinets. This way, you can conveniently add extra storage to your place without going through some massive transformations. 

Storage Under the Stairways

Another handy place to utilise in your place is the space under the stairs. You can use it for installing vertical drawers or pull-out cabinets instead of just creating a single storage room under the stairways. This added storage space will come in quite handy for stacking away extra shoes, linens, coats, files etc. Without anything visible from the outside, this small hack will make your place clutter-free instantly.

These are some amazing ideas using real estate which you can easily add extra storage to your place without putting in much effort.