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Have you ever thought about the importance of marketing feedback loop?

Have you ever thought about the importance of marketing feedback loop? 

A marketing feedback loop is an effective way to record client responses in various ways and then use those suggestions to improve one’s organization.

This loop can consistently help you improve your organizational SEO efforts as well.

How can you create a marketing feedback loop?

There are three stages involved in creating a feedback loop:

Collecting information

Client information is the most vital stage for initiating a marketing feedback loop. Recording their suggestions can provide a raw base for your team to work and optimize their SEO efforts.

Interpreting the data

The second step is to analyze and interpret customer responses.

Applying the inference

This is the last step where you apply the customer suggestions to your products and services for better user experience.

What are the ways of creating a marketing feedback loop?


The best way to record customer responses is by conducting surveys where you ask your customers questions related to the services and products. You can easily identify the potential threats of your company with the help of these surveys.

Comments and social media

One of the best ways to record customer responses is to check the comments on your social media platform, or you can start a discussion thread and find answers. You can quickly identify the major problems that the clients are facing in the current scenario.

The right customer service team

The principal method of identifying errors in your services and products is by hiring the right customer team. These customer service executives can help your organization to know more about customer choices.

How can a marketing feedback loop affect your SEO efforts directly?

Preventing errors in content marketing

Content marketing is a hectic task!

You need to involve SEO experts and consider many factors before creating an app content strategy. Many times your marketing team might prepare the content, which is not SEO oriented. In such cases, there are many chances of losing customers. Feedback loops can provide substantial help to your team by letting you know the customer complaints and preventing errors in the content. It becomes more comfortable for your team to set up marketing goals, improve, and optimize the marketing content as per SEO.

Improving user experience

When you allow your customers to provide valuable feedback, you increase the chances of improvising your SEO efforts.

Let us understand this by an example. Let us say you have launched a new soap in the market and conduct a survey to record the responses of the customers. Based on their answers, you can quickly gather the loopholes and keywords used by the customers for your product and make the necessary changes to it. You can advertise your product both online and offline by making the product description SEO oriented.

Generating more leads

When you pay importance to customer feedback, it becomes easier for you to bring changes in your content strategy. When your content strategy becomes more customer-centric and SEO oriented, there are many chances of gaining marketing leads.

Establishing brand loyalty

Any new service or product that addresses customer issues or uses proper content for marketing has many chances to gain brand loyalty. Thus, you can channelize your SEO efforts through the feedback loop.

How can you optimize your SEO techniques through a feedback loop?

Make timely changes

Whenever a customer complaints against your company or products and services, make sure you keep a record of it and respond to them as soon as possible. These responses can become a base for constructive changes in your SEO efforts because the words of customers can act as a source of SEO keywords.

Finalize the medium of complaint

One of the best tips to avoid customer confusion is to keep the channel of complaint the same. For example- if a customer complains about your marketing efforts over mail, then make sure you send a mail to your customers apologizing about the errors you committed. This can help you create a better content strategy by keeping in mind the problems of customers.

Keep your customer up-to-date.

When you collect the responses of your customers and make necessary changes according to it, please make sure that you update your customers about those changes. You can do this either through mail or through social media by including SEO oriented keywords to gain attention.

Changes can form the base for leads.

When you put an effort to help your customers, the changes implemented can help you develop leads for your business. You have to optimize the product description and make it SEO oriented by using customer feedback as a base.


With a consistent marketing feedback loop, it becomes easier to improve and channelize SEO oriented tasks!

Additionally, many marketing companies provide affordable SEO packages to improve content marketing strategies, as well.

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