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Hedge Trimming Stittsville: Everything You Need To Know
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Hedge Trimming Stittsville: Everything You Need To Know 

Hedges trimming keep them healthy and looking great. It is essential to remove any damaged and dead branches. While hedges can add visual appeal to your property, it is essential to learn how to trim them properly so they can continue to thrive.

If your hedges are getting out of control, trim your hedge to maintain your landscape’s tidy appearance. Apart from the aesthetic benefit, there are other reasons for you to have your hedges regularly trimmed.


Hedge maintenance can be difficult and time-consuming. It increases your carbon footprint, especially when you use traditional garden maintenance equipment. However, if you want to reduce carbon footprint, use lawnmowers and garden equipment that are made by solar and renewable sources.


With the increasing number of cyclones and tropical storms, keeping your hedges trimmed will prevent broken branches from damaging your property, whether residential or commercial. Hedge trimming in Stittsville will reduce the risk of flying debris that can harm you and your family. Besides, removing low-hanging trees will clear the walkways for traffic.

Improved Plant Health

Hedge trimming will improve the health of your shrubs, trees and hedges. Removing diseased, dead or dying trees will stop diseases from affecting the healthy parts. In addition to this, hedge trimming will help prevent insects from settling into the diseased or dead wood. Furthermore, regular trimming stimulates the growth of longer stems, bigger flowers and better fruit.

When to trim the hedge

In early spring, trim shrubs after they have finished usually blooming towards the summer starting. Make sure you trim shrubs – that flower in summer – in the winter or early spring. Non-flowering shrubs should be trimmed after the new growth. Minor trimming hedge throughout the summer is acceptable to ensure your hedges’ health and aesthetics.

How to trim your hedge

Remove dead or dying branches of trees at the base of hedges

For informal hedges that don’t get shaped, remove old branches and cut larger stems to ensure they don’t grow too tall or spread too wide.

Make sure the hedge is slightly wider than the top so that the entire shrub can get an equal amount of sunlight. Follow the rule of thirds and trim only 1/3 of the shrub each year.

Every trim your tree can stimulate new growth and help the plant become stronger and fuller.

If you are looking for shaping your hedges into straight lines, use your home or driveway! Set up some string on stakes to get the shape and cut accordingly. Make sure you don’t trim too deep into the hedge.

Tools to trim hedges

Anvil Pruners are a hand tool that consists of a sharp blade that meets a flat plate that works best to cut deadwood.

Bypass Pruners are a hand tool that consists of a sharp and curved blade. They function like scissors with the blade passing over the hook. They make clean and accurate cuts.

Lopper is a long-handled tool that is used to cut more substantial material.

Standard trimming saw is ideal for making precise cuts in a restricted area. It has more teeth the blade has; the more accurate the cut will be for safety and convenience.

Hedge Shears are double-handled pair of shears used for trimming and shaping shrubs and hedges.

The Bottom Line!

Hopefully, you have now understood everything about the hedge trimming in Barrhaven from why hedge trimming is essential and when to trim your hedge to how to trim your hedge and what tools you can use for your hedge trimming. Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure they stay healthy and maintain their appeal for years to come.

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