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Hitman Holla Biography, Net Worth, Career Journey, Personal Life

There are many unconventional careers and art is the mother of them all. Gerald Fulton, better known as Hitman Hula, is an unconventional rapper who is a jack of the hip-hop trade. we will examine the life and work of Hitman Hula.

Age and Place of Birth of Hitman Hula

Mr. Gerald Fulton was born on March 29, 1988 in Missouri, United States of America. He is currently 33 years old.

Hitman Hula Early Life and Education

Hitman Hula 2 was born to loving and very supportive parents. He developed a love for basketball, the most popular sport in black areas of America. When he attended high school, he not only played it but also felt his affinity and love for the world of rap and soon became a victim of it. As mentioned above, his parents generously supported not only him but also his brother who was in the same craft.

Although his involvement in basketball gradually decreased due to his musical career, it gave him opportunities that allowed him to achieve many things. At the top of that list was a scholarship to a great high school. Once he completed his senior high school education, he went to the University of Missouri. This is where his career fully blossomed and he became more passionate about it.

Hitman Hula Personal Life

Gerald’s love of rapping has landed him in some good and some bad places. He was occasionally involved in gang banging and all the dirty clothes associated with tough black rappers. Although this is a stereotype that is slowly fading away, it was a reality at the time. He turned to battle rap and thus gradually entered the famous Wild N’ Out

He is inspired by legends like Mok and has developed his art wonderfully. Translating all the violence of the gang he was a part of was important in making sure he did the legal thing. That way he can be just as competitive while being creative, making money, and learning by watching other artists. Being a part of rap battles also puts him in a position where he can listen to other people’s stories and change his mental and emotional state.

Hitman Hula Net Worth and Assets

Most of his wealth comes from his rapping career and occasionally basketball. She also has her own clothing line which earns her a lot of income. His net worth is estimated at $3 million.