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Home Improvements to Reduce your Heating Bills
Home Improvement

Home Improvements to Reduce your Heating Bills 

Reducing your heating bills may seem like an impossible task, especially now it is coming to those colder winter months. However, there are a few home improvements, some easier than others, that you can conduct to really begin to see some savings on those pesky heating bills.

Change your boiler

Changing your boiler is one of the best, but most expensive upfront, home improvements that you can make to reduce your heating bills. Changing your boiler could even be the most important thing to do if you are living in a home with a boiler older than ten years, as these boilers tend to have a very low energy efficiency rating of around 70% meaning that 30% of all energy made by your boiler is being wasted. When you compare this with more modern boilers, that tend to have an energy efficiency rating of 89% or above, you are only losing out on around 11%. It may seem like a large sum of money to upgrade your boiler however that extra 19% of the energy that you are saving a year equals up to an extra £250 in savings a year, which is a huge amount of money to be saving each year.

When it comes to changing your boiler it’s always best to do some independent research of what type of boiler will fit your property best as some homes may only need a combi-boiler as they only have one bathroom where others may need a system boiler as they have multiple bathrooms. Despite this, it’s always best to look out for trusted brands such as Ideal Boilers, Vaillant Boilers, Worcester Bosch, and Heatline Boilers.

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Draught proof your home

Draught proofing your home can often be simple as all the materials are readily available from most DIY shops and are often no more than around £70. You will want to focus on areas such as your windows and doors where little cracks and holes around the edges can let out small amounts of your home’s precious energy you are generating.


Draught proofing your home’s doors is very important as you can lose some significant energy through both your home front door and doors inside your home. Draught proofing your doors is rather simple as all you need to do is find a self-adhesive strip in your local DIY shop and after cleaning the sides of your door and allowing time to dry apply these strips to the door to seal any gaps there may be on the sides of your door.

You can then attach a brush strip to the bottom of your door, meaning that a lot less heat will be escaping from the gap between your door and the floor, it is important to shut the door and measure the distance of the bottom of the door to avoid the brush strip stopping your door being able to close.


Just like with the edge of your door, you can use a self-adhesive strip to fill the gaps between the window and the frame. This will mean that heat is not escaping from these cracks. If you have a window that doesn’t open then a better option for those would be to use a silicone sealant rather than a self-adhesive strip as the sealant will totally fill the gap, it’s important that you only use these on windows that don’t open however as using a silicone sealant on a window that opens could hinder the windows ability to open and close.

Change your homes windows

While many homes now come with double glazing as standard if you are living in a home or period property this may not be the case and you could still be living with single glazing windows. Just like with changing your boiler double glazing can seem like a huge upfront investment for saving money on your heating bills however it can be saving you up to £155 a year depending on the size of your property and what rating of double glazing you decide to go with. Not only will you start to see savings on your energy bills, but you will find that your home is a lot less drafty and a cozier and warmer place during those colder autumn and winter months.

Change your homes shower heads

If you find yourself taking long fifteen-minute showers each day, you could be using more water than you would if you had run the bath. Power showers are notoriously bad at wasting energy with some using more water in five minutes than running a bath would have used, which can have a real impact on your heating bills as your boiler is running on overtime to heat all this water. Replacing on your old showerhead with a water-saving showerhead can make a real difference as on average you will be reducing the amount of water used each shower by 50%.

Insulate your loft

Loft insulation is very important when it comes to reducing your heating bills as it stops the energy your boiler has worked hard to generate escaping through the roof of your home. While loft insulation can cost around £300 it can save you up to £150 a year, meaning that you will be breaking even within 2 years and saving £150 a year after that.

Following this guide is a great way to conduct some home improvements that can really save you some money both straight away and in the long term!

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