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How Can Gemstones Be Used On The Skin?

Few things in the world are as enigmatic and wonderful as gemstones. Gemstones are historically and astrologically significant, with massive consequences in various industrial verticals. Gemstones are typically utilized for two objectives by people worldwide, regardless of where they live: as ornamentation and to alleviate issues related to various walks of life.

We are well aware that gemstones must first be cleansed and activated to provide the intended advantages. There is, however, a catch! Gemstones can only work correctly when they come into contact with the user’s skin. Yes, no matter how powerful and precious a gemstone is, it cannot operate without adequate contact with the skin. The concern here is how gemstones should properly contact the skin. To address this often-asked topic, we produced a comprehensive blog page instructing every gemstone user on how gemstones should correctly touch skin and answer the question, “Can wearing gemstones that touch the skin provide additional benefits?”

How Can Gemstones Be Used On The Skin?

Astrological Reason Behind Why Gemstones Should Touch The Skin

Gemstones should be chosen with prudence or with the assistance of a skilled astrologer since they might have a detrimental impact on one’s life if worn inappropriately. The bad impacts of planets such as Mars, Rahu, and Ketu, among others, might have a harmful impact if jewels are worn without awareness.

Gems can be worn in the form of rings, pendants, ear and nose rings, ear and nose studs, and amulets. Aside from rings and pendants, the rest are ineffectual since they do not make consistent touch with the body.

The sun’s rays penetrate the stone and enter our circulation. Once within our bloodstream, they begin balancing and correcting the energies within our body (Earth, Air, Water, Fire.) It is thus recommended that the gem touch the skin. This is why rings have an open-back setting, in which the underside of the ring is exposed, allowing the gem to come into direct touch with the skin.

Although it is said that transparent stones, such as diamonds, do not need to touch the skin since light transmits their energy directly into the body, the practical reason is that diamond settings prevent them from touching the skin. Furthermore, skin discomfort is possible, which is why diamonds are placed with four pins. However, astrology dictates that a diamond should have 40-60% skin contact, which is practically impossible.

Various Methods to Ensure Gemstones Touch Your Skin

When it comes to gemstones correctly contacting the skin, a number of critical aspects come into play. Every small to significant factor, from gemstone choice to jewelry setting, skin sensitivity, and thickness of the finger on which the gemstone will be worn, is important. We’ve compiled a list of important considerations to consider when selecting a gemstone to wear on your skin.

Selecting the Right Gemstones

Always choose tougher and more durable gems that can survive everyday use, such as diamonds, blue sapphires, topaz, ruby gemstones, and quartz with high Mohs hardness ratings. Softer stones, such as pearls, opals, and turquoise, may be damaged, making them unsuitable for specific settings.

Avoid porous stones such as turquoise and opal, which can absorb skin oils, perspiration, and fragrances, discoloring the stone and making it unsuitable for long-term wear.

Avoid any jewels that contain toxins such as arsenic or lead that might potentially seep onto the skin. Instead of rushing into a gemstone that may permanently hurt your skin, do some preliminary study on its chemical composition.

Allow Your Skin to Rest

Wear the same ring all the time. Rotate the pieces to enable the skin to breathe and dry. Wearing the same ring on the same finger may cause tanning.

Remove your rings at night to avoid trapping moisture on your skin, which can cause discomfort.

Allow your fingers a rest from wearing rings every few days to promote circulation and skin health.

Location is essential.

For greatest longevity, prong and bezel settings that protect the full surface of the stone are preferred. The possibilities of gemstone damage are reduced in these settings, which extends the life of gemstone jewelry.

Flush settings, such as gypsy ring mounts, reveal gem surfaces, allowing them to be damaged, chipped, or fall out more easily than stated. These should be avoided for skin-contact jewelry.

To avoid losing jewels, make a trustworthy jeweler firmly places sure stones. A loose setting might cause gemstone dislocation and damage from hitting a harder surface.

Care and Cleaning Suggestions

Remove rings when showering, swimming, working out, cleaning, or engaging in any strenuous activity to avoid chemical and strong effects.

Clean jewels using a soft brush and moderate soap on a daily basis to eliminate dirt, oils, perfumes, and skin products that can accumulate. This will keep the jewels gleaming and glittering.

Separately store items to avoid scratches from other jewelry. Make use of fabric-lined boxes or dividers.

Reason As per Vedic Astrology

Astrological gemstones must come into close touch with your skin in order to amp up the good effects of planetary influences. When the sun’s rays flow through the gemstones and into the circulation, they begin to balance the elements and Chakras in your body. This is also why rings typically have an open back setting to reveal the gemstone and let it to come into close contact with your flesh.

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