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How Dentists Can Profit from the Sale of Dental Scrap

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While running a dental practice is no easier than succeeding at any other kind of business, some dentists overlook entirely one of the easiest ways to earn extra income as a dentist. Many dentists don’t realize the scrap leftover after restoration work is often precious and could contribute to significant earnings.

Why is Dental Scrap Valuable?

Dental scrap is so valuable because it often contains one or more of several types of precious metals. The specific metals that you could be throwing out daily if you don’t save your dental scrap are the following:

  • Gold
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Silver

These metals are used in dentistry because they are known as noble metals, a classification of metals that do not corrode if present in a patient’s mouth. Luckily for dentists, this also means they are worth a significant amount of money.

Collecting Your Dental Scrap

Patients usually have little reason or desire to collect materials leftover after you have repaired their restoration work, but you still need to ask permission to take them. Collecting dental scrap is lucrative for dentists but not worthwhile for patients because dentists can save up their scrap once it accumulates to an amount worth trading in for money.

As you collect your dental scrap, you’ll want to categorize and label it appropriately. Eventually, you’ll have enough to take to a dental scrap refining company that can strip and refine your materials to turn them into a valuable form for resale.

Find a Dental Scrap Refiner

When you’re looking for a company to refine your dental scrap, the main thing to ensure is that you find a company that offers a metals report. Many dental scrap refining companies are happy to provide you with a sum of money based on a general estimate of your materials. However, others, like Muzeum Dental Refining, provide a metals report that details the contents of your dental scrap and pay you accordingly.

The problem with receiving an estimate that is unaccompanied by a metals report is that this occurs before the exact metal content of your dental scrap is known. This means you will not get paid according to the true value of what you have. The actual value of your dental scrap depends on the weight of each precious metal contained in your scrap. A metals report will tell you the true worth of your dental scrap.

Reinvest Your Profits

No matter what business you’re operating, you need to spend money to make money. You should consider using your extra profits to expand your practice. If you put the money you earn from selling your dental scrap towards new equipment, hiring additional staff, or expanding your offices and examination rooms, you’ll be able to generate more business. This option will ensure that your earnings multiply in the years to come.

For any dentist not already selling dental scrap, you can look forward to an untapped revenue stream at your fingertips. Get in contact with a dental scrap refining company to learn more about how you can get started today.

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