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How Does Taking Medication Increase The Risk Of Truck Accidents?

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When it comes to automobile accidents, truck accidents are most severe. The size and weight of a truck make truck accidents more severe. Truck drivers have to deliver cargo and other products on time, so they keep on driving for long hours and get fatigued. Fatigued driving is the primary cause of truck accidents. However, some truck drivers who consume drugs that either stimulate or depress the central nervous system encounter severest truck accidents.

A truck colliding with a car puts the car driver at a higher risk of injuries and damages. Moreover, when the truck driver crashes a car while under the influence of certain medications, the car driver can hold them accountable for being negligent or careless. In such cases, a Houston truck accident attorney can help the victim get the compensation they deserve.

Medication that may lead to a truck accident.

Particular medication prescribed to the truck driver for making their mind work actively may lead to the opposite effect that may cause an accident. Such drugs include:


People suffering from depression are prescribed antidepressant drugs that help them overcome the feeling of sadness or depressed mood that can affect the driver’s daily routine. By consuming antidepressants, the person feels happy and can overcome physical and emotional problems. But in some people, these drugs cause antagonist effects such as headache, insomnia, blurred vision, and many more that can increase the chance of truck accidents.

Consumption of opioids.

People suffering from acute pain, shortness of breath, or severe cough are recommended to consume opioids that help relieve the pain by increasing the production of morphine in the brain. Overproduction of morphine in the body causes dizziness, nausea, and itchiness. Overuse of opioids may lead to disruption of sleep that can lead to fatigue and daytime sleepiness that may increase the risk of truck accidents.

Anxiety medication.

People who have panic disorder, phobia, or any other mental disorder are prescribed anti-anxiety medication that helps overcome the disorder. People who intake anti-anxiety medications may suffer from insomnia and headaches, leading to an increased risk of truck accidents.

Use of stimulants.

Psychostimulants, commonly known as stimulants, include caffeine, ephedrine, and derivatives. These drugs are commonly used in stimulating the activity of the central nervous system. While some medications belonging to this group are often helpful in managing the sleep disorder, elevating the mood or focus. If the dosage of these medications is increased, the person may suffer from hallucinations that may lead to an accident.

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