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Businesses need a proper approach, and their employees should follow it to the core to make it work for the best of the company’s interests. Every employee should have a manual about any specific kind of instructions for their work. Manual refers to the reasoned explanation of the head about the need to perform a particular job. This type of order should be applied only once for each specific episode. Otherwise, the instruction takes on the color of persuasion, and the leader loses credibility.

Planning, coordination, and control

Planning is the proactive development of impact methods that are implemented using forecasting, the development of common concepts, and specific programs. A lot of email marketing services agencies have created a big name for themselves with a process-driven approach.

Programs, plans should be coordinated between departments (or individual employees). Otherwise, management will encounter confusion, shifting responsibilities, lagging behind the complete schedule, and other consequences of uncoordinated work.

The controlling function is aimed at assessing the quality and feasibility of individual stages of the work process, summing up the overall results at the end of the reporting period or a separate project. After analyzing the completed stage, the head can conclude the quality of managerial work and make the necessary adjustments.

Features of administrative methods of personnel management

Organizational and administrative methods of management have a number of distinctive features.

  1. They are unambiguous; they imply obligatory fulfillment, which has a direct effect on the will of subordinates.
  2. They have a free basis, unlike, for example, social methods of interaction, which operate with the concepts of motivation and stimulation.
  3. They are accompanied by control of execution and penalties in case of violation of orders.
  4. Often they require not the best solution to the problem, but the strict implementation of the rules and norms associated with this task.
  5. They are embodied based on principles: scientific, systematic, selection, and selection of personnel, a combination of styles of the unity of command and collegiality, control over the activities of subordinates.

With the help of administrative methods, the rights, duties, scope of responsibility, and the employee’s place in the organization’s system are regulated.

Methods of administrative impact. Penalties

Speaking about the methods and technologies of personnel management, one cannot but touch on the tools of administrative influence. Some types of administrative influences are twofold. That is, they can be initiated not only “from top to bottom”, from the boss to the subordinate, but also vice versa – in cases where the leader commits an offense against a lower employee or team.

Material liability

The employer’s liability arises from cases of breach of contract that caused damage to the employee:

  • Deprivation of the ability to exercise the right to work (including illegal retention of the workbook);
  • Transfer, reduction, dismissal committed in violation of the law;
  • Failure to comply with labor inspection orders.

An employee bears full liability in the following circumstances:

  • Intentional infliction of damage, as well as damage resulting from alcohol/drug intoxication of the guilty person;
  • Shortage of inventory;
  • Damage caused by the disclosure of official, commercial or another secret;
  • Damage resulting from neglect of labor duties.

When committing one-time violations of discipline or misconduct, which did not cause significant damage to the enterprise, the employee has the right to compensate for the damage caused to the company voluntarily, has agreed with the management of the procedure for payment or deduction from the salary of the corresponding amounts.

The size of liability arising in some instances is established by labor and collective agreements.

Disciplinary responsibility

Federal law does not specify an exact list of gross violations that entail disciplinary sanctions, with the exception of unique individual acts, for example, the “Regulations on the discipline of railway workers.”

However, the procedure for imposing and disciplinary measures are regulated by labor law: reprimand, reprimand, temporary or permanent demotion, dismissal. Organizations themselves cannot change or supplement the established regulations.

Before approving the decision to impose a penalty on the employee, an explanatory note must be requested. Many employees perceive the explanatory notes as an independent punishment or proof of guilt. In reality, the employee has the right to state any facts in this document, including evidence of the absence of his guilt.

Administrative responsibility

The enforcement of administrative penalties is regulated by the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, and the law distinguishes between offenses committed by individuals (line employees) and officials.

Types of administrative punishments:

  • Warning – a written expression of censure for an offense;
  • Fine – a recovery, which may equal the amount of mandatory unpaid payments or be a multiple of the minimum wage;
  • Seizure of the subject with which the administrative offense was committed, with its subsequent sale and compensation for the loss to the owner in the amount of the proceeds;
  • A short-term arrest or correctional labor – exceptional types of sanctions are imposed for serious offenses.

The feasibility of applying an administrative approach to management

Like other groups of personnel management methods in an organization, the administrative style has its advantages and disadvantages; in some production areas, organizational methods based on authoritarianism are beneficial, and in others, they can only harm.


  1. Organizational team, standardization of production cycles.
  2. A clear distribution of responsibilities, authority, boundaries of responsibility.
  3. For employees: clear career prospects.
  4. Administrative management is usually accompanied by a developed, well-thought-out system of the corporate culture.

Negative points

  1. Lack of opportunities for creative activity, initiative.
  2. Excessive centralization of power with the loss of feedback.
  3. Staff turnover as a result of tough, impracticable regulations or a “screw tightening” policy.

The combination of the main groups of personnel management methods

We examined administrative management methods, now briefly touch on other methods used in HR management.

Economic tricks

Material and monetary methods are divided into two groups, symbolizing the process of “carrot and stick”:

  1. Material incentives (this includes the impact with the help of tools such as cash payments or non-monetary incentives: providing benefits, giving valuable gifts, extended medical insurance);
  2. Liability (this tool operates with the employee’s material interests through various sanctions and is called the method of negative motivation; you should not abuse the use of liability. Otherwise, you can kill initiative and motivation in employees).

To solve chronic problems within the team, you can use fundamentally different methods, for example, socio-psychological.

Socio-psychological tools

The essence of this technique lies in the development of social ties between team members and the leader, creating a comfortable environment that contributes to increased efficiency, productivity.

Elements of the sociological methodology of leadership:

  • Establishing partnerships, instilling the principles of mutual assistance, support;
  • Psychological planning: designation of goals, determination of criteria for assessing the development of the team, measures to create a comfortable psychological climate.
  • Creating opportunities and encouraging the intellectual development of employees.

Analysts predict an increase in the value of the socio-psychological component of leadership: fierce competition among employers forces companies to seek new ways to attract valuable personnel.


Administrative methods of personnel management play a significant role in the development of the company. However, this complex should not be the only management tool. Today, more than a dozen different management approaches are known.

Efficiency, quality of managerial work are achieved with a balanced combination of management styles using a set of material, administrative, systemic methods.

By Abbas Ali

I am Abbas Ali and I am a professional content writer and blogger. It is my passion to write about different topics including technology, travel, fashion, business, and many more.

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