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How to Be a Successful Introvert at Work

Many people are introverts. They have different needs and habits than extroverts. However, how is this going to work in the office?

Introverts often struggle to show that they are also valuable workers – especially when the corporate world is threatened by a recession.

According to a behavioral expert, you have these seven ways to stand out as an introvert on the job.

In a world that rewards uninhibited extroversion, an introvert can feel disadvantaged in the workplace.

People groomed for leadership positions are often more extroverted. However, there is also research that shows introverted leaders do very well, and in some cases, outperform extroverted leaders.

In a time of looming recession, much of the current wisdom revolves around how to hold one’s own at work. You should talk more, network, and interact more with colleagues – basically, be seen.

For any introverts who are worried about job cuts and want to make themselves indispensable against the louder competition, these schrits can follow.


Networking is a surefire way to raise your profile at work. 

So for introverts, communicating with others about their tasks can be easier than making small talk, building relationships or outlining a vision. This is a better strategy for introverts, he said, because building lots of relationships can rob introverts of the energy they need to complete important tasks.

Remote work, therefore, is also an advantage.

Why introverts do not have to be loud to assert themselves

Being able to work from home can play to introverts’ strengths. Because then they can focus more on sticking their head in the sand and getting the job done. This way, they achieve their desired results and can then communicate them more effectively. That is where it is secondary how often you show up in an office and how loud or dominant or charismatic you are perceived to be in the office.

While remote work can be advantageous for introverts, effective communication remains essential. Finding common ground and fostering understanding among team members, regardless of their working style, is key to promoting collaboration and achieving shared goals. Remote teams can create a harmonious work environment by emphasizing effective communication techniques that transcend physical presence and personal charisma. Check this article on finding common ground that can give you strategy ideas and perspectives to bridge communication gaps and foster effective collaboration.

Share Your Expertise with Your Colleges

Once you have followed the first step, you now need to keep your colleagues in the loop about how you add value to your company.

Introverts can look for opportunities to introduce their work, either through written communication or by organizing a “brown bag lunch” to describe their work in a low-key and informal way. A “brown bag lunch” is about casually sharing valuable information about work or specific projects with colleagues during a break.

Prepare your Meeting

Being prepared for what you’re going to say will help you use your energy as effectively as possible.

For many introverts, speaking takes a lot of effort, so you should be more strategic about it. So if you are one of those people, you need to look for ways to make the most impact.

It will feel strange if it seems like everyone else is communicating on the fly, but quite a few people use this approach and it makes a meeting situation easier for them, Cain said.


Choose the timing of your speech strategically for maximum impact. 

Introverts can train themselves to speak up at specific, crucial moments or during certain parts of a meeting.