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How to Control Anger – Effective Tips that Actually Work

How to Control Anger – Effective Tips that Actually Work
  • PublishedJuly 24, 2022

Anger is one of the basic parts of humans. From being momentous to prolonged fits of anger that can be termed rage, anger is something that one can experience daily. It is a normal emotion and can be healthy, but if we leave it unattended, it can become a tough matter to comprehend. 

If left unattended, anger can lead to health concerns and prominent social problems such as poor behaviour at work and at home. It can make you helpless, and it can make you unpredictable as well. 

According to the hypertension specialist at Horizon Hospital, when a person is angry, they undergo a series of biological and physiological changes. You might have experienced a rise of the chest, rapid breathing and worst of all, high blood pressure. 

Doctors say that anger can make you aggressive and impulsive. It is not all cons as anger comes with some perks. This valuable emotion can also prepare you for a fight or flight response. Therefore it is important to compartmentalise these emotions so that you can sort them out in a better manner. 

Let us educate you on how you can control anger. 

Know the Warning Signs

One of the first things people need to understand is their warning signs. Some of the common signs in this context are given below:

  • Chest tightness
  • Pounding heartbeat
  • Raising the voice
  • High precipitation rate
  • Shakiness or shivers
  • Harshly judging someone
  • Arguing with people
  • Loss of sense of humour

People are often adamant about accepting their feelings, and they try to fight it out. This is what makes it difficult for them to control their triggers. Experts suggest that you should always try to understand your feelings, whether you are annoyed at something or are just angry.

Present Some Solutions

The next step after understanding your triggers is that you have to find some possible solutions for your problems. In case you are getting annoyed on something, make sure to talk it out with your family. Or if they are the reason you get annoyed, then you should talk it out with an expert. Try to become more comfortable with your isolation and engage in healthy activities to spend more time productively. 

A premium way of understanding and making strong decisions in life related to anger is for you to be realistic about it. Try to be compassionate about your feelings and then work on them better. 

Why is Anger Management Essential?

If you are not paying attention to anger management, you are rewarded with a better and sufficient life. Because if you are not attentive towards such matter, you are prone to a serious outburst in public. It can also lead you to damage public property. That is why it is important to keep track of your emotions, especially how you deal with them.

Anger can disturb your health, especially if you are suppressing it for a longer time and leaving it unattended. 

Write Down Your Issues

It is often considered that people inclined to write about their issues can deal with them better than those who are suppressing them. Next time if someone hurts you, you should try to write a letter to them. After that, you should read that letter again and again for some time. This will clear your perspective about things. You might also feel you don’t have to send that letter to the person. 

Use Your Humor

Humour can act as a defence mechanism for some people. For example, humour is actually helpful in leading a more balanced and well-managed life. If people are not good to you, you can take good help from different scenarios that are equal parts funny and imaginative. 

Focus on Breathing

Another key thing that can work wonders is this one. You can utilise the best relaxation exercises to reduce anger. Secondly, it is highly essential as they can be performed anywhere anytime. It is often difficult for you to perform rigorous exercises, but these breathing exercises are quite simple and easy to perform. 

Therefore it does not matter if you are angry at a dinner table or social gathering. These quick exercises can make you calm, easy and simple. Slowly and steadily, you will experience a change in your mood and regime. 

The Bottom Line

Anger is one of the complex emotions of a human. It is necessary and pertinent under the circumstances, but if left unattended, you can get engulfed by this emotion. It can make matters worse for you. That is why you must get a consultation from primary healthcare providers under such circumstances. They will assess and devise a plan for you accordingly. 

Therefore do not worry and make sure to control your anger because you can do it!

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