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How To Decide The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2023 For Long Term

Choosing an investment is a very personal decision, one that needs careful consideration and much forethought. That’s especially true when considering a cryptocurrency since these don’t necessarily have what an investor can legitimately call a “best” option because that can change as fast as the audience’s opinion.

Cryptocurrency has no, none, intrinsic value. The virtual currency is representative of the owner’s acquisition of a “digital asset.” The price point is based solely on what the public perceives the value to be, meaning you should have an exceptional belief in the crypto’s value you invest in.

That means due diligence in researching with the recommendation to study “white papers” and develop a thorough understanding of those Crypto investments to hold long term for 2023 due to the likelihood of increasing value before committing. Let’s look at the virtual currency in a bit more detail.



The idea of cryptocurrencies is a somewhat confusing and daunting concept for the audience entering as investors. Theoretically, cryptos are virtual coinage that is manipulated online, stored, and distributed.

As an investor, it’s essential to recognize that this is a digital asset with the potential for gaining but also the risk of losing value reminiscent of paper assets like bonds and stocks.

These are “decentralized,” meaning there’s no governing authority centrally regulating the currency. The indication is that a “cryptocurrency company” manages the system where the cryptos are maintained. Still, no specific “server or central location” is responsible for housing the units. Find out if it’s time to invest in this asset at

Bitcoin is the most favored and significant system worldwide, with many financial experts referring to any crypto aside from Bitcoin with the term “altcoin.”

The value of these digital currencies is not associated with any sort of corporate profits, there’s no physical asset, and economic health has no bearing.

What determines whether someone chooses to buy specific units is whether other people find the units attractive enough to buy them. If there’s significant interest, it strikes a wave of people rushing to buy their share in hopes of raising the value to the ultimate end of exceptional gains.

Problems arise if you buy in late, investors decide they’re done with it for a while, and the price crashes. Do you get emotional and sell fast? Or wait it out until the interest rejuvenates?

This is where risk and volatility come into the picture. There can be significant highs and substantial lows, but if you keep emotion out of your investments and stay level-headed, you can ride the waves and come out unscathed. Go here for guidance on the top currencies to invest in for 2022.

What Are A Few Things You Should Know As A Crypto Investor

Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new concept as an investment, with newbies and the average investor learning as they go. A few essential things that you need to know before taking the plunge as a full-fledged cryptocurrency investor will ensure you participate according to the unspoken guidelines, if you will.

Crypto Investor

●     Capital gains

Cryptocurrency is designated as an asset in the same vein as property or a stock when looking at it from a tax standpoint. If you were to sell your units and see returns from the sale, capital gains tax would need to be paid on the money earned.

You’ll need to allow for these when assessing your taxes or creating an annual budget.

●     Investing in the “shorter-term”

The volatility of cryptocurrencies causes many investors to deem the digital currency more of a shorter-term investment instead of investing in it for the long term.

The suggestion is that there is a possibility these could grow to be more stable down the road allowing “long-term holdings that will yield exceptional profit” That’s purely conjecturing at this stage on the “powers-that-be” part.

The values are starting to come down, meaning you could have more likelihood of profiting through “market timing,” an exceptionally risky play. Still, these are already high-risk, volatile investments to begin with.

The Crypto For The Newbie

Before investing in crypto, you must know the varied types since many systems are available. Again, the “grandfather” in the industry is Bitcoin. It has been on the scene for 10+ years with the most extensive system worldwide. Let’s look at some of what would be considered the most common instead of implying the best of cryptocurrencies (that’s too speculative).

●     Bitcoin

The indication is that bitcoin is the ideal starting point for those new to cryptos. All exchanges support the system, a form of digital cash, so you’ll know what you’re getting. It has a competitive advantage since you can use it to exchange value and currency.

●     Ether

The focus of this cryptocurrency is to buy applications without the need for a “middleman.”

●     Cardano

For those who have a need to store private details, this cryptocurrency concentrates its effort on doing that. It’s a less expensive alternative to Etherium and offers greater energy efficiency.

Final Thought

Cryptocurrency as an investment is high-risk because it is volatile. When word spreads that a cryptocurrency is selling and everyone begins to buy, it can sharply elevate the unit value.

But, interest can suddenly switch to something else with everyone deciding they no longer like that one, followed by a substantial drop almost as fast as it rose.

The challenge is knowing how to time what is an exceptionally volatile market. The priority is not to become emotional and only use the money you have no problem with losing. The likelihood is real that you could lose every bit.

As was mentioned, there’s the slightest chance the digital currencies will grow to be stable, allowing longer-term holdings. Again, that’s a risk you’ll have to take.