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How to Experiment with Colors and Patterns in Men’s Long Kurta

Men’s long kurta is a traditional Indian menswear essential, but it does not have to be boring or simple. Being creative with colors and patterns is a great approach to expressing your individual style while yet respecting cultural fashion. In this detailed guide, I’ll reveal my greatest recommendations for unleashing your creativity and discovering current designs while adhering to the long kurta silhouette.

When you want to create a perfect visual look colors can play a vital role in this. Kurtas are traditionally available in neutral colors such as off-white, beige, and light gray, but there are a variety of other colors to explore. You can also choose from royal blue, green, or bright pink these are also trending colors in kurtas because of their strong statement without being too much. I you love experimenting then you can play with different shades of the same color to create a unique look like wearing a sky-blue kurta with navy blue trousers or jeans.  

Understanding the Basics:

Before entering into experimenting, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of the long kurta for men. The long kurta, which started out in South Asia, is a knee- or ankle-length apparel with a straight-cut silhouette that is typically worn with churidar pants or trousers. Kurtas have traditionally been available in earthy tones such as beige, brown, and white. However, the contemporary fashion scene welcomes a diverse range of hues and designs.

Choosing the Right Colors:

1. Neutral Elegance:

Classic neutral tones like white, beige, and grey offer timeless elegance. These colors indicate a versatile foundation for experimenting with accessories, footwear, and matching bottoms.

2. Bold Statements:

Vibrant colors such as royal blue, emerald green, and deep maroon can create a strong fashion statement. These colours are ideal for festive gatherings and cultural celebrations.

3. Pastel Sophistication:

Pastel colors like baby pink, mint green, and lavender can give refinement to your long kurta assortment. Thescolors are ideal for daytime parties or casual trips, giving off a pleasant and lighthearted mood.

Experimenting with Patterns:

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1. Traditional Embroidery:

Traditional embroidery techniques like complex thread work, zari, or mirror artwork can offer a regal touch to your long kurta. Choose contrasting thread colors to make your embroidery stand out.

2. Prints and Motifs:

Integrating designs and motifs in your long kurta will add a cute touch to your outfit. Experiment with flower prints, geometric patterns, or ethnic motifs to express your personality.

3. Contrast Play:

Play with contrasting elements, such as combining a solid-colored kurta with patterned bottoms or vice versa. This creates a visually appealing and balanced ensemble.

Styling Tips:

1. Accessorizing Smartly:

Accessories play a crucial role in enhancing your long kurta look. Experiment with statement neckpieces, embroidered mojaris, or a stylish wristwatch to complement your outfit.

2. Layering Options:

A Nehru jacket, waistcoat, or shawl can also be considered. Layering not only adds value to your outfit, but it also helps you to create different looks for a variety of occasions. 

3. Fit Matters:

Pay attention to the fit of your long kurta. A well-fitted kurta enhances your silhouette and ensures a polished look.


If you are interested in showing your uniqueness and own style, experimenting with colors and prints can be an exciting experience. Understanding the basics, selecting the appropriate colors, and experimenting with designs and patterns will help you build the ideal outfit. This attire can help you display your distinct personality and ethnic background. So, release your style and embark on a stylish journey with a versatile and timeless men’s long kurta.