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How to find a developer and become a unicorn

How to find a developer and become a unicorn
  • PublishedSeptember 5, 2022

Business begins with people, with an idea, and a desire to make it a reality. It’s this need to turn the world upside down, to create something worthwhile, which becomes the motivation to find developers for startup.  In a world with terabytes of information, it is crucial to have specialists with knowledge and experience. Therefore, programmers who are capable of implementing the technical part of the project are being hunted. This has created an entire industry of IT Human Resources. There are many opportunities and avenues for recruitment. Only founders are limited in funding, so the search for a specialist becomes a quest. But it is overcoming challenges that distinguish the entrepreneur from the average office worker. They take a creative approach to problem-solving. There are several proven ways to interact with a technician.

The first and easiest way is if one of the founders is a developer, as in the famous story about the garage and the apple business. In this case, you save money, you are confident in the result and the motivation of the employee.

From this comes the second way to collaborate, as to find developers. You offer a stake in your startup. Imagine, you want to create a platform for medical professionals, doctors, and researchers to share their expertise. They could work together to find solutions for complex patients, share their research results, hypothesize, and discuss it in an online conference format. This is an idea that might interest a Senior level developer. If you prepare a decent presentation, you can convince the viability of such a project. Thus, you will not only get a competent specialist but also an additional advantage in obtaining investment. A professional on the team and on the founders increases the credibility of the startup.

Perhaps both of these methods are not suitable. Then you can turn to freelancers. There are pitfalls of their own here. As mentioned above, there are financial constraints. So you will also look for a specialist in accordance with the budget. Do not forget that if you expect to get money from investors, the product must be a tasty sweet in a beautiful package. No one will waste time on a candy wrapped in newspaper and tied with a cord. Even if a delicate truffle is hidden inside. Ask yourself, when you find developers, if the freelancer is capable of providing a high level of technical work.

pros and cons

Another easy way to shift responsibility to a web-development company. You can start with the pros to find developers. Assuming you need to draw a rainbow, a freelance designer is a yellow pencil. In that case, a professional team is a whole set of colored pencils. And according to the idea, you get all the colors of the rainbow. So you implement the technical part of the project in one place. There are also cons. It is a responsible choice because it depends not only on the result and the development of the product but also on the comfort of the work, which will last more than one month.

How to Find a Reliable Partner for Cooperation?

How can a development team for your startup be helpful? Imagine a library with hundreds of thousands of books. You need to write a term paper on a specific topic. You will, of course, ask a collaborator to tell you what kind of literature you will need. Likewise, programmers can tell you exactly how to implement an idea from the point of view of technology. What are the difficulties when you find developers?

Limited budget. Of course, the services of skilled employees can not be cheap. But the strong side of experienced professionals is that they can offer you different ways of developing the project. Let’s get back to the idea of the medical platform. Most likely, you will be asked to create an MVP with basic features such as doctor profiles and the ability for them to interact. The design will be simple but created in accordance with the brand book and corporate colors. Every action will be aimed at reasonable cost savings without sacrificing quality. In this way, it is possible to present a worthy product to investors and users.

In order to find developers such as described above, it is necessary to refer to portfolios and cases. It’s all too easy to create noise out of nothing in the digital space, to attribute projects to which you have nothing to do, to show skills that do not exist. But a funder can check all the necessary information, thanks to the Internet. For example, to write and call the companies listed in the cases. Then it is worth moving on to face-to-face communication to assess the professional experience. Competent specialists will talk to you in the language of your business, explaining how this or that stack of technologies will help you to create the product in demand in the best way.

Do not forget about the fact of personal communication. More than once in your ordinary life, you are faced with the situation that you go to the same restaurant for Indian cuisine, not only because of the delicious food. It comes with the bonus of a welcoming owner and courteous staff. That’s why you get to enjoy your Saturday dinner. It’s also worth paying attention to when you find developers, and whether you feel comfortable interacting with the team. Do they understand your idea? Are they willing to get into the processes and intricacies of your product?

There is often a concern on the side of entrepreneurs about maintaining confidentiality. Everyone thinks their project is unique and doesn’t want their competitors to know about it. In the business community, web development companies value their reputations. You can always sign a non-disclosure agreement when you find developers. So you will be confident in the reliability of your partner.

How Much Does a Technical Implementation Cost?

There is no getting around the issue of pricing. The most interesting thing is the range of prices for development, from $31 to $150, if you take the work hour cost of a specialist. It follows that the technical work for a time of 500 hours can range from $15,500 to $75,000. That’s a big spread for a new business. There is a secret here that you should know. You can influence these numbers with your decisions when you find developers. For example, arrange selection by location of programmers. Online gives you the opportunity to collaborate with experts from all over the world. The language barrier and even the time zone are no longer an obstacle. Bet on Eastern Europe or India. Apple, Google, and Netflix know about such opportunities and actively use them. Also, affect the final cost:

  • The features you put in the product
  • Technologies used
  • The number of specialists. Some projects require designers, front-end and back-end developers, more complicated tasks require a tester, a project manager, or a marketer. You determine this together with the team at the negotiation stage.

If you take the time and proper attention to find developers, you can not only create a demanded product. A man spends a third of his life at work. His environment becomes a second home. Comfortable and effective cooperation creates real teams, and IT giants, which are able to change the world.

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