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How to Get a Free USA Mobile Number From Any Country

How to Get a Free USA Mobile Number From Any Country
  • PublishedJune 15, 2022

There are multiple ways to get USA Phone – Mobile  Number from the outside USA, including many free & paid services that can provide you with your own USA-based Cell Phone Number.

Method#1 – Get a Free US Phone Number Using TextNow

Popular TextNow is a free messaging android and iPhone app that provides its users with a Free Number that can be used to make calls, text messages, and verify accounts online.

In addition to smartphones, TextNow can also be used to make calls and send text messages from Windows and Mac computers.

1. Download TextNow App from Google Play Store (Android Phone) or the App Store (iPhone).

2. Once the App is downloaded, open TextNow and select Sign Up with Email option.

Method#2 – Get a Free US Phone Number Using TextFree

as well as TextNow, TextFree also provides a free USA Phone Mobile Number that can be used to make calls, send text messages and verify WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps.

1. Download TextFree App from Google Play Store (Android Phones) or from the App Store (iPhone).

Method#3 – Get a Free US Phone Number Using Google Voice

If you are looking for a reputable name, you can trust Google to provide you with a Reliable and Free US Phone Number via its Google Voice service.

The problem with Google Voice is that it is only available within the United States and it prompts for a US based Phone Number during the Sign-up Process.

However, you can overcome this issue and get a Google Voice Number from outside the United States by following the steps provided in this guide:

Method#4 – Get US Phone Number Using Skype

Microsoft’s Skype service is widely used by businesses and individuals all over the world. A lesser-known feature of Skype is that it also provides US-based Phone Numbers.

While Skype is not free, it is certainly a reliable way to get US Phone Number using only your Email Address to Sign-up for Skype.

1. On your computer, visit Skype Number Page.

2. Select the United States as the Country in which you want to Purchase the Skype Number.

3. On the next screen, you can click on Continue – If you are happy with the number provided by Skype.

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