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How to Keep Your Business Emails Safe

How to Keep Your Business Emails Safe
  • PublishedFebruary 2, 2022

No matter what you try, no business will be 100% safe from security threats, malware, and other issues; this is particularly true for your business emails. That being said, there are some excellent precautions that can be taken to make sure that these problems do not happen.

Read this piece to find out what you need to do to keep your business emails safe, and what you need to look out for if you suspect something phishy is happening!

Do Not Open It

It might sound easier said than done, but as our anti-threat and malware technologies continue to advance, so do the complexity and the severity of the threats. This is why if you do not recognize the email address or you have a suspicious attachment, just do not open it. You can get software to scan attachments to make sure they are safe, but if your gut tells you something is not right, the best thing you can do is leave it alone.

You might also receive emails that have suspicious content asking you for personal details or to change a password – do not change anything that has come in an email unless you can verify it is from a credible source. There is a lot of information on Business Email Compromise BEC by Proofpoint, and it is vital that all management and employees are up to date with the information on what to look out for and what to report to make sure you can keep your email server and its contents safe.

Make Sure You Have a Secure Anti-Virus System

All businesses should have an anti-virus system set up to protect all aspects of their business. This can be anything from an anti-virus scanner to making sure all attachments are safe to open, that no malicious malware has been embedded into the business’s system, and no spy ware is looking at sensitive material.

That being said, installing the software is not enough – it is vital that employees are trained on how to use the software, and have an understanding on how to decipher the results.

Another important note here is to make sure this software is always running the updated version, as any bugs or problems in the software can create a weak patch for hackers to enter.

Use an Encryption System

Using an encryption system will not prevent cyberattacks from happening but using this in conjunction with an anti-virus system means that you can be protected in two different ways.

If hackers or malware are able to penetrate your business’s email server, if you have used an encryption system to create and send your emails, they will not be able to be read information.

This is especially useful if you are sending sensitive data. Encryption works by taking the plain text and scrambling the words into something unreadable to any outsiders of the email, which means that if you do get breached, you have an extra layer of protection for your data.

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