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How to Port and Renew Individual Health Insurance?

Health and well-being reign supreme today, and individual healthcare insurance is a cornerstone of personal security. It serves as a safeguard against unexpected medical expenses and offers the reassurance of knowing that quality healthcare is within reach. However, with the ever-evolving needs, individuals often have to shift to healthcare insurance with a larger coverage or renew their existing healthcare plans to meet these needs.

Porting and renewing healthcare insurance requires a proper understanding of the process and careful consideration, as it can significantly impact one’s access to medical care. This is where this article can assist one. Read this article to learn more about these processes.

What is Healthcare Insurance Portability? 

Healthcare insurance portability is a rule that allows people to switch their health insurance individual plans without losing their benefits or coverage. It allows individuals to change insurance providers or plans if they find one that suits their needs or is more affordable. 

What are the Documents Required to Port Healthcare Insurance?

Typically, one may need to provide the following documents for porting health insurance for individual:


  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • IRDA Portability Form
  • Proposal Form
  • Existing Insurance Policy
  • Relevant Claim History (if applicable)
  • Declaration of No Claims (if applicable)
  • Medical History Documents

What is the Process to Port One’s Individual Healthcare Insurance?

Porting health individual insurance plans is a process that allows individuals to switch from one insurance provider to another while retaining their existing policy terms. Follow these simple steps:

Stage 1: Initiating Portability

Step 1: Complete the IRDA Portability Form

Fill out the IRDA portability form.

Step 2: Contact New Insurance Company

Approach the new insurance company where one wants to port their existing healthcare insurance policy.

Step 3: Receive Documents

The new insurer provides the necessary documents, including portability and proposal forms. They may also share details about their healthcare insurance products.

Stage 2: Document Submission

Step 1: Form Submission

Fill out and submit the required forms to the new insurance company.

Step 2: Contact Previous Insurer

The new insurer contacts the previous insurer for claim history, medical records, and related data.

Step 3: Data Sharing

The old insurer shares this information with the new insurer through IRDA.

Stage 3: Underwriting and Decision

Step 1: Data Evaluation

The new insurer evaluates the information received.

Step 2: Risk Assessment

An underwriter assesses the risk profile based on the data.

Step 3: Decision Making

The new insurer decides whether to provide one with a healthcare insurance policy.

Step 4: Underwriting Timeframe

The underwriting process should be completed within 15 days.

Step 5: Confirmation

If there is a delay beyond this period, it is considered confirmation that the applicant is insured under the new insurance company.

What is Healthcare Insurance Renewal?

Healthcare insurance renewal is the process where individuals or policyholders can continue their existing best health insurance plans for individuals. It typically occurs at the end of the policy’s term, which is usually one year. 

What are the Benefits of Healthcare Insurance Renewal?

Renewing one’s health insurance Individual plans before they expire offers several advantages:

1. Continuous Coverage

Renewing ensures uninterrupted coverage, preventing lapses and potential loss of no-claim bonus. It allows one to stay covered as they continue to age.

2. Tax Savings

Timely renewal allows ongoing tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

3. Lower Premiums

One can avoid higher premium costs by renewing the policy on time rather than paying more for a new policy.

What is the Process for Renewal of  Healthcare Insurance?

Renewing health insurance Individual plans online is a straightforward process. The steps are:

Step 1: Visit the Insurer’s Website

Begin by visiting the insurance company’s official website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Renewal Section

Find and click on the healthcare insurance renewal section on the website.

Step 3: Provide Details

Enter the prior healthcare insurance policy number as well as the registered mobile phone number.

Step 4: Review Policy Details

Examine the policy’s specifics and the renewal premium.

Step 5: Payment

Pay securely using a credit/debit card or Net banking.


Porting and renewing one’s individual insurance health policy is a proactive step towards ensuring continuous coverage and peace of mind. By understanding the intricacies of the process,  individuals can empower themselves to make informed decisions that align with their healthcare needs.

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