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If you haven’t already begun the process, it‘s likely just about time for your employees to return to the office as we enter a post-COVID world. Over the past year and a half, employees and employers alike have had to operate with unprecedented resilience—working from home, managing remote workers, and making that transition amidst a global pandemic and unrest.

This time around, though, the switch-up is quite different as we move back to the “new normal.” But, again, this transition will take some work, and not just on your employees’ part. You, too, will have to adjust your workplace practices to keep your workers happy, healthy, and satisfied with their positions.

Make the switch worthwhile.

You might be moving into full-time office work once more, or you might be taking advantage of a remote/in-person hybrid of some sort. If your goal is to keep your employees together in the workplace as often as possible, you need to make sure the office is an excellent place to be.

You might look to your budget and invest in the best mouse pad and other pieces of your team’s computer setup. There are so many accessories available to upgrade your office and make it the best place for your staff to work each day.

Prepare your workspace.

Whether you’ve been short-staffed throughout the crises of the past year or your office has been empty, this transition point offers an excellent opportunity to ensure your building is in a safe, comfortable state. For example, if you’re returning amidst a heatwave, double-check your air conditioning systems to make sure they’re working correctly before your employees come back to in-person work.

A quick search for the best air conditioning services in Ottsville, PA, will have a service person out to fix it in no time—and will help your staff to be more comfortable in the office, rather than overheating.

Offer Flexibility

In some cases, a high-quality mouse pad won’t be the deciding factor in getting folks back to the office. If you have an effective employee who’s struggling with the prospect of returning to the office full-time, consider whether they could continue telecommuting or come into work for some days while working from home others.

The same concept is true for anyone there in person. For example, if someone is more comfortable wearing a mask or working with plenty of space between their desk and others, let them and support them.

Check-in with your team.

For more than a year, people across the globe have been struggling. Even amidst growing health and safety, those feelings don’t just disappear. Be open to connecting with your employees and make sure resources are available to help them through their struggles, should they want to take advantage of them. If your staff is troubled, they’ll be less effective, and, on a more personal level, you’ll undoubtedly empathize as a fellow human being.

Listen to company concerns.

Even offering flexibility, support, and workspace upgrades, you can’t anticipate every possible concern or hiccup along the way. So as you and your staff return to the office, be open to feedback, be that compliments or constructive criticism. You never know when a team member might have a suggestion or idea for improvements that could end up benefiting the entire office.

A post-COVID world has been a long time coming, but this transition won’t be friction-free. As employees return to the workspace, it’s crucial to make sure the office is ready for their return. From fixing a broken air conditioner to adding a good mouse pad and other quality workplace accessories, simple changes will make a significant difference—and can come at a great price.

The first time your staff walks in, sees their workspace as a great option for where to spend the workday, and senses your genuine support and concern for their wellbeing, they’ll feel that much better about their return. As a bonus, you’ll find you have a more efficient team, too.

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