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How to Prevent Poodle Biting

Many dog owners don’t realize that their adorable cute little puppy that you just want to hug and squeeze all day needs proper training to prevent future problems.

The Real Truth Behind Poodle Biting

breeding poodles for sale can be known for their nipping and biting nature. They were originally bred as herding animals and retrieving game in marshes for their owners.They would nipped the ankles of other animals as their day job back in the day.

How to Stop Puppy Poodle Biting

The best time to begin is when your poodle is a puppy. Socialize!Socialize! Socialize! I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of socializing your puppy. When puppies are with their litter, the are then introduced to bite inhibition. They learn this when their siblings stop all play when they bite themselves or vice versa when their sibling bites them. They also learn it when they nip too hard when they are nursing on their mother, the mother will get up and walk away when nipped too hard. Puppies learn that all the fun will stop if they bite too hard.

This is why it’s so important to not take your puppy away from the litter until 8 weeks old. Even after 8 weeks old should your puppy socialize with other humans and animals.By socialization and reinforcing bite inhibition, your dog will learn at an early age the connection between biting and undesirable results.

Avoid scolding or using hard punishment on your young poodle. Harsh discipline like hitting or yelling can contribute to aggressive behavior.

If you have a poodle biting problem with a puppy, don’t allow it. Provide a toy whenever the puppy bites and make soft whimpering sounds to show the puppy that the bite hurt you. This is how other puppies would show the same behaviour.

Another way to stop your puppy from biting is that when your dog nips or mouths your, fake a sound of pain and instantly stop all play. This will further reinforce bite inhibition.

How to Stop Older Poodles Biting

With older dogs who bite, you need to make sure you hold alpha status position in the household. Make sure your dog understands that you are the alpha leader. I don’t mean getting into a wrestling fight with your dog but make sure your dog learn proper obedience training as well. This will help establish alpha status.

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