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How to Repair a Rotted Wood Window Frame?

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If you have old casement or sash windows in your home that have seen better days, you’re likely wondering how to repair your windows. If you’ve noticed some areas of rot, you’ll likely know that these need addressing quickly. If repairs are not done, you could replace the wooden window frames altogether. While repairing rot on windows is a big topic, we will try and cover basic repairs to wooden windows frames below. You don’t need many tools, and the repairs are quite simple for anyone with basic DIY knowledge.

Is it Possible to Stop Window Rot From Occurring?

A good quality exterior-grade paint can slow the process of rot down, but only if it is maintained. If there are any areas of exposed wood on your windows, water will find its way into these areas and begin rotting them. To stop the rot from occurring on your windows, maintain the paint. Check it yearly to see if any is flaking and if any touch-ups are needed. This should prevent water from getting into your window frames and rotting them from the inside.

How to Repair Rotten Window Frames

Identify The Damage

You need to look over the window and find all the areas of rot. This is a lot easier if you sand the window before this step. Any areas that are soft or easy to the chip are rotting and will need to be removed. If you notice more than 10% of your window is rotten, it may be best to call in the professionals.

Remove The Rotten Areas

Using a screwdriver or chisel, remove all of the rotten areas. You’ll need to keep removing the wood until you find healthy wood.

Drills Holes in Healthy Wood

Once all the rot is removed, it’s time to drill some holes into the healthy wood. This sounds counter-productive, but this ensures a good bond between the filler and the healthy wood. If you don’t do this step, the filler may not bond well to the wood, and it could leave a sizeable gap. These holes don’t need to be too deep and don’t need to go through the entire frame. Just 6-10mm or so deep, with a 6mm drill bit.

Apply Wood Hardener and Filler

Use a wood hardener on the affected areas. This will ensure that the wood is nice and strong and also hardens any areas of rot you may have missed.

Now you can use the filler. Use more than the gap needs as you can smooth it and sand it afterwards. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions here as this will ensure the best bond.

Sand and Paint

Now you can sand the excess filler away and the entire window frame. Next, use an exterior-grade primer and paint to protect your windows.

When to Repair or Replace Rotten Window Frames

If your windows only have about 10% of rot, it is perfectly reasonable to repair them yourself, and it shouldn’t take too much time. If your windows have more than 10% rot, it’s time to call in a professional. Here at Chameleon, we’ve repaired sash windows with more than 80% rot plenty of times, but it’s a challenge that most DIYers aren’t prepared for. Here at Chameleon, we don’t ever recommend our customers replace their windows (unless they have no windows at all). If you have windows in your home, no matter how rotten, we can usually repair and restore them.

Where to Find a Company That Can do This Professionally?

If you feel your windows need more repairs than you can comfortably do, then you may want to find a window restoration company to do the work for you. To repair a rotted window frame does take a lot of skill and expertise, especially if the frame is badly rotted. So, finding a good quality window restoration service is a great idea. Chameleon Decorators are the best choice for your restoration needs. We can replace any rotten timber and paint your windows to make them look beautiful again. We can also repair sash cords, sills, draught-proof and even double glaze existing sash and casement windows without spoiling the charm of your property at all.

So, if you’d like help repairing your rotten wooden windows, give Chameleon a call today. We can carry out all the window repairs you need. And use the latest window technology to bring your wooden windows into the 21st century without changing the charm of your property at all. By the way, if you are interested in ways of reducing condensation on windows you can discover this source.

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