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How to Unwind After a Long Work Week

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Self-care Sundays? We don’t know anything about that here, we do self-care Fridays here. Fridays are the most exciting, yet most exhausting day of the work week for the majority of us. This single day sets the tone for our entire weekend, so it’s critical that you take the time to unwind on a Friday after work! You deserve a couple of hours to take care of yourself, to be a little selfish and to do things that make you happy, but what could you do to really take the edge off of all those phone calls, papers, files, yelling bosses?

Take a hot bath or shower

Oh, you already bathed today…do it again! First of all, you can never be too clean. Second of all, have you ever taken a hot bath/shower at the end of a long work week before? It makes you feel as though the entire week is melting off of your mind and pouring out of your mind.

Take the time to get a little selfish here. Draw a bath that has essential oils, bath salts, bubble bath, etc. in it. Surround that tub with candles and listen to your favorite peaceful music or read a new book. If you’re going the route of the shower, purchase some shower steamers that will release relaxing scents into the air or go ahead and light a candle or two. Really shut the world out for an hour and relax!

Go out by yourself

I may be bias towards this option because it is my go-to, but on a Friday, I really don’t want to socialize after working all week. I’ve been making small talk with people for about 40 hours, I don’t have the desire to do it some more at 5pm Friday night. However, I am also exhausted and starving around this time, so I need to go somewhere and get something to eat.

If you can relate to this, this option is for you. Pick your favorite restaurant and go alone! Go enjoy some quality you-time with a delicious meal and a glass of wine. Maybe schedule a visit with your dentist for the following week since you’ll likely be downing a fair amount of red wine, but otherwise, go relax and enjoy yourself! You deserve it.

Have a personal night in

This one requires a quick trip to the grocery store for some essential snacking munchies but is otherwise super simple and sure to help you unwind. I recommend picking up some popcorn, candy, maybe some meats/cheeses if that’s your thing, and pick a movie to stream! Get cozy on the couch and have a movie night in all to yourself or invite over a couple friends and relax the night away!

Friday nights are the new Sunday nights when it comes to the best time to relax and unwind. You have worked hard all week long and deserve some time to not think about your job and instead focus on the wine in front of you and the love interest of the character on your TV screen!

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