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How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

Marketing during the holidays can be challenging, there is no denying that. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are searching for novel approaches to connect with younger audiences. What business owners are discovering is that holiday SMS marketing is effective.

Why not try something new if you haven’t yet used SMS marketing for your company? It is possible to plan and run business SMS and MMS marketing campaigns during the busy holiday season.

Do you know that, compared to the year before, 72% of retailers increased their spending on holiday mobile marketing campaigns last year?

As soon as November arrives, customers are inundated with holiday-themed SMS marketing promotions and social media advertisements. As a business, how can you cut through the noise of the season and capture your audience’s attention?

Your holiday campaign woes may be resolved by SMS marketing. Use the following strategies for effective SMS marketing on holidays once you have built an opt-in list of individuals who want to receive your SMS marketing promotions.

These recommendations are equally useful for your SMS marketing campaign throughout the season and on occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. SMS subscribers can receive holiday coupons

The time around holidays is ideal for growing the list of SMS marketing campaign subscribers. Now is a good time to research SMS marketing if you haven’t already. Advertise your SMS marketing opt-in code and any incentives you provide with it if you operate a business and have a physical location where you can interact with customers.

Join our SMS list to receive special offers during the holiday season, for example, could be your promotional message. This call-to-action raises the likelihood that people will sign up for your SMS marketing campaign and become interested in your company.

The advantages you provide to your SMS marketing subscribers can, however, be promoted using social media and email marketing if your business is primarily focused online. Long-term customer engagement would increase with more opt-ins.

2. Limited Time Holiday Deals

The holidays are a fantastic time to use SMS marketing. Everyone is looking for discounts and is in a festive mood. By sending out SMS with limited-time holiday deals, you can take advantage of this. As a result, there will be a sense of urgency and people will be motivated to act. To give people time to sign up, make sure to advertise your SMS campaign well in advance. Keep your communications succinct, sweet, and to the point.

An engaging holiday experience can be created for your customers by using SMS marketing. Make the most out of your SMS marketing campaign this holiday season by using these tips!

3. Deals and Packages

This is a very common (and effective) SMS marketing tactic for the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online purchases from many brands qualify for excellent discounts. These reductions typically require the purchase of an additional item or a certain minimum amount.

For instance, if a customer purchases a discounted item, you can text them an offer for 15% off orders over $100 for online purchases. Brands can offer significant discounts while generating high-profit margins using this strategy. Bundles of products or 2-for-1 deals are also excellent choices.

4. Gift ideas as a service

One of the challenging parts of holiday shopping for many of us is finding the ideal present. Nobody always has the time or desire to look around for the perfect thing.

Brands and merchants might persuade customers to sign up for a service that offers suggestions for gifts for recipients based on general information like age, sex, or interests.

Not only would this help those looking for gift suggestions, but it would also allow businesses to interact with customers during the holiday season and promote new goods and deals.

5. Send Greeting Texts

On the eve of Christmas, the SMS marketing campaign should be planned so that it sends customers warm greetings. The texts ought to be written so that they foster a relationship of trust with the readers. Making the customer feel valued and special is crucial. Additionally, a call-to-action that nudges customers to act should be included in the SMS.

6. Make it Fun for Subscribers

There is more to customer engagement than just offering services and discounts. Making it enjoyable for your subscribers is also important. You can use text messages to encourage your opt-ins to a fun promotion or contest on your mobile web page during holidays.

To increase traffic to your website’s landing page or online store, send scavenger hunt clues via text. Or just remind everyone about the special holiday event. You could also point people to a gift guide you have on your blog for the holidays.

Imagination is the only limit to the possibilities!

7. Offer a loyalty programme with points for purchases

Are you looking for strategies to increase the effectiveness of your SMS marketing on the eve of a holiday? If so, you might want to offer a loyalty programme with points for rewards. This can be an effective strategy for inspiring customers to continue supporting your business and making purchases over the holiday season. Here are some pointers to get you going:

  • Set objectives for your loyalty programme: What objectives do you have for your loyalty programme? More sales, repeat business, or increased brand recognition? Knowing your objectives will help you create a programme that will achieve them.
  • Amplify your loyalty programme: Utilize your website, social media accounts, and email list to advertise your loyalty programme to your customers. Your SMS marketing messages can also contain details about the programme.
  • Choose the rewards you’ll give out: Will you provide special access to holiday sales, free shipping, or discounts? Select prizes that are both within your budget and appealing to your target audience.
  • Follow the progress and make necessary adjustments: Pay attention to how your loyalty programme is being received by the public. Adjust as necessary to enhance outcomes. Consider changing your rewards if participation is low, for instance.

To Sum Up

This year, don’t wait until the last minute to include holiday texting in your SMS marketing campaigns. Make sure you have the tools necessary to serve your clients on their mobile devices, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online retailer. Contact Guni, an excellent SMS service in Australia, if you don’t know how to do it and let the experts handle it for you.