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A swimming pool is a luxury that offers a host of benefits all season long. It can make your property look attractive and boosts its market value.

Planning to Build a Pool?

Indoor Vs Outdoor Pool

Well, you can decide between an indoor or outdoor pool. Both the options can spruce up your space. But which to choose?

Herein, we are sharing a few factors to help you make a better choice.

1.    Maintenance

Both indoor and outdoor pools require routine maintenance to be in tip-top shape.

However, you need to put extra effort to keep up an outdoor pool.

This is because these pools are highly exposed to external agents like sun, weather, animals, dirt, and dust.

However, most of the issues can be prevented, if you install an electric pool cover or set up a pool enclosure. They are some of the popular pool accessories that enhance property value.

On the other hand, your indoor pool does not require much botheration as you don’t have to worry about natural agents getting into your pool.


Moreover, you don’t have to waste your time while skimming dead leaves or debris from the pool.

However, some basic care tips you should follow for both the pools are:

  • Scrub the walls of your pool
  • Balance the chemistry level
  • Run the filter and pump
  • Add shock

2.    Installation cost

Installing an indoor pool can cost you more than an outdoor pool.

There are many factors that contribute to the high installation cost.

  • High energy expenses
  • Setting a ventilation system
  • More labor
  • Leveling and draining an indoor area

On the contrary, you can choose between above-ground and in-ground outdoor pool designs.

Above-ground pools take less space and are easily installed on-site from a kit.

Installing an in-ground pool can be a little tricky as it involves a lot of chores like digging, shoring, and pouring concrete followed by installing a deck, fence, etc.

Above all, the outdoor pool is a comparatively cost-effective option.

3.    Air quality

Chlorine and other chemicals are vital for keeping both pools crystal clear.

However, pools that use chlorine release harmful gas into the air.

Since indoor pools don’t have the proper ventilation, the gas can deteriorate the air quality and you may suffer from migraines or asthma.

However, you can prevent the building up of dangerous chlorine gas by installing a ventilation system indoors.

When it comes to air quality, outdoor pools are a clear winner as they disperse chlorine gas into the environment, eliminating harmful consequences.

4.    Sun exposure

The outdoor pool is the best choice for people who love sunshine and enjoy being outdoors.

Sun exposure

However, if you want to prevent aging, eye issues, skin problems, sunburn, and other risks associated with the sun, prefer an indoor pool.

Also, sun exposure increases the evaporation rate and also boosts the growth of algae, which is a big problem.

So, in that situation, an outdoor pool may not be an ideal choice.

5.    Weather

Want to enjoy the pool time all year long? Opt for an indoor pool.

Whether you want to cool off during hot beaming days or want to dive right in the water during winters, you can access your indoor pool all 12 months.

But the same is not with the outdoor pool.

It can be tough for you to swim during chilly temperatures. However, you can use a solar cover or invest in solar sun rings to enjoy the swim season outdoors.

In the end

Whether you choose to build a pool under the roof or under the sky, both indoor and outdoor pools are great options to invest in.

However, the choice depends on your needs, space, and budget.

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