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Is interaction design a good career?

In today’s digital world, we depend on the internet for everything. While using the internet, one might come across certain applications and websites with confusing layouts, slow mechanisms, and annoying notifications. This is what is known as a bad user interface or experience which drives away potential customers.

However, a good user experience and interactive design can attract customers to websites and thereby increase the visibility and growth of a company or brand. Investing in UI/UX design is worth it and is a top priority these days.

With more companies realizing the importance of good user experience and interactive design, the scope and career opportunities in the field are also on the rise. Let’s analyze the benefits of pursuing a career in interactive design.

What is Interaction Design?

Interaction design refers to the process of designing applications and websites with a focus on how users interact with them. In other words, it is aimed at making the user experience better and more attractive. Interaction design aims to improve the interactive experience of a user when they visit a website or use an application.

The interactive process between a user and a product involves various elements such as visuals, aesthetics, sound, motion, speed, etc., and other features like usability, efficiency, and learnability. All these features and elements in the right proportion ensure that the user can achieve their purpose while using the product.

What is the current demand for interaction designers?

LinkedIn has ranked user experience and interactive design as one of the top five in-demand skills to have whereas Glassdoor statistics reveal it as one of the top fifty jobs around the world. With the dependence on websites and applications increasing every day, it has become mandatory for companies and organizations to hire a UI/UX team. It has become necessary to focus on user experience and interactive design to keep up in the competitive marketplace.

Even Google has started considering user experience and interaction to be an important part of a page that it has included the criteria in its ranking algorithm. So, if a website does not have an interesting UX/UI design, Google will likely rank your page low which will then affect the growth of the company. Therefore, an attractive and convenient user experience is an important part of any website and application due to which the career opportunities in this field are soaring high.

Career opportunities

If you have the right skills, creativity, and technical knowledge, you can land a lucrative job in any industry that requires user experience designers. Some of the popular career opportunities in the field of user experience and interaction design are UX researcher, interactive designer, user experience analyst, user interactive developer, business analyst, front-end developer, system analyst, etc. All these jobs promise career growth and have high demand on a global scale.

So, if you are a creative person with some technical knowledge user experience and interactive design is the right choice for you. All you must do is enroll in a program that teaches you the necessary skills required for this field.