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Jobs After Completing Certificate 4 In Aged Care

Certificate 4 in aged care Adelaide focuses on the job role of specialized support workers. After you complete this course from Australia successfully, you can expect the attainment of a dual qualification. While studying this course, you will learn that how specialized support workers complete crucial tasks within various aged care settings. These particularly include community-oriented or home-oriented environments and several residential aged care setups.

Reasons to study the Certificate 4 in Aged Care Course

There are many notable reasons for which international students must choose to study the Certificate 4 in aged care course. These include the following:

    • This course allows you to attain a dual qualification. It enables you to complete the specialized tasks and functions and every day activities with equal level of efficiency.
    • By studying this course, you will learn to undertake responsibilities independently. You can adhere to these tasks and duties by complying with the stringent organizational guidelines.
    • As soon as you complete this course, you will learn that how to deliver services while maintaining a premium quality for each. You will learn to perform this task by developing, implementing and assessing individualized plans followed by their effective delivery for the elderly people out there.

 These job roles will mostly require you to exhibit the leadership traits in you. Aside, you will also be required to undertake roles and responsibilities which are relevant to your job role.

Expected job roles

So, have you already completed the course of certificate 4 in aged care Adelaide successfully? If yes, then, you can expect to preside over any of the job opportunities given below.

    • Support Worker
    • Residential Care Worker
    • Care Team Leader and
    • Care Supervisor etc.

To dive deeper, the following is a comprehensive description of each of the job opportunities given above for you to consider.

Support Worker

A Support Worker is responsible to provide care to vulnerable aged people and their respective families. Providing adequate emotional support is also something which a qualified support worker conventionally does. Some of the roles and responsibilities of a support worker generally include the following:

    • Coordinating medication
    • Assisting with household tasks
    • Ensuring support by working with therapists and doctors and
    • Providing adequate personal care support to name a few

The average salary of a qualified support worker is close to AU$70,000 in Australia

Residential Care Worker

A residential support worker is chiefly responsible for supporting clients with their day to day activities. As a residential support worker, you will also be responsible for providing support to your clients pertaining to their personal growth and life skills. You will attain the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate an interdisciplinary team and work with them collaboratively. You will become adept at recuperating your clients from their past traumatic events by focusing on client-oriented practice. Some of the tasks which a residential care worker has to perform on a regular basis include:

    • Supporting clients to ensure their overall well-being
    • Scheduling appointments for your clients
    • Doing the several home related tasks on your clients’ behalf
    • Preparing meals for your clients and
    • Performing the imperative cleaning tasks on behalf of your clients etc.

As a residential worker, you will be required to provide care and support to your clients on a round the clock basis during fixed shifts.

Care Team Leader

A care team leader primarily ascertains the effective operation of his or her pertinent care team. As a care team leader, you will be responsible for overseeing the conduction of the day to day activities within your care team in a successful manner. The most challenging part of this job role is that you need to ascertain the conduction of the said tasks in accordance with the stipulated guidelines and principles. In response to it, you can ensure that the daily requirements of all your patients are satiated. When that happens, no one will feel happier and more content than your patients.

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Roles and Responsibilities

The chief duties and tasks of a care team leader include the following:

    • On-time conduction of the various administrative tasks
    • Providing the prescribed medicines to patients on time
    • Managing the rosters for the different aged care workers out there
    • Planning and subsequently executing innovative ways to provide care to patients which is qualitatively even better and
    • Evaluating the care which has already been provided to patients

As a care team leader, you are expected to work around 37.5 hours on a weekly basis.

Care Supervisor

A care supervisor undertakes work in residential facilities pertaining to maintaining the comprehensive well-being of individuals. You will have to do so via effective tasks and personal care regimes. As a care supervisor, you will also be able to address the complex requirements amongst elderly people and satiate them accordingly. Aside, you will also be adept at working with groups of aged people in Australia in an effective manner. As a care supervisor, your duties and tasks will be of overseeing other people.

The key takeaway

In short, you will have to promote community participation and independence amongst elderly Australians by providing them adequate support and training. So, to become a successful care supervisor, you need to complete one of the finest aged care courses Adelaide. A checklist of the roles and responsibilities of a professional care supervisor in Australia generally include the following:

    • Administering the various client oriented services
    • Work with people with a diverse range of personalities
    • Comply with the personal support requirements of the elderly patients
    • Facilitate the planning of individual services followed by their timely delivery and
    • Work while abiding by the various legal and ethical norms in a proper way etc.

So, these were some of the job opportunities in Australia which you can expect to preside over. To become eligible you need to complete certificate 4 in aged care course first. It is one of the most sought-after aged care courses in Adelaide right now which will certainly ensure a highly rewarding aged care career for you in Adelaide, Australia.