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Keep it Cool with the Colour of the Day

Keep it Cool with the Colour of the Day 

White for Mondays –

White represents peace and mellow and looks and feels incredibly cool as well. Quite literally, the lighter the cloth is, the cooler it is. But anyway moving on from the science, you cannot deny the fact that white can be matched with just about any and every outfit and make it look incredibly amazing! Incredibly subtle, cool, and an all-time favorite, white looks just amazing whether you wear it as top wear like a basic t-shirt or bottom wear like classic trousers or as denim jeans, or the very trendy and fashionable, Classic White sneakers. Whatever your choice might be, white for sure will add that X factor to your outfit.

Red for Tuesdays –

Red signifies passion. It is the color of charm, warmth, and love and nothing beats the color red at any of these qualities. Red really goes amazingly well in combination with black or white. Especially Red jackets are something to die for. They look incredibly subtle yet decently loud at the same point if you pair it up with a basic t-shirt in black or white colour. Now that the winter season is approaching, you don’t have to wait long enough now to pull off this red jacket look, you can simply just buy jackets online and get that look you were waiting for.

Green for Wednesdays –

Green, the color of Wellbeing, relaxation, freshness, optimism, and harmony is indeed one of the most positive colors. It not only makes the wearer feel positive and full of life and energy but even radiates this energy all around. Green looks really good in combination with black. Especially the neon green shade with black color is the most ideal combination for when you want to stand out of the crowd and be noticed at the same time as being able to pull off the look decently. Basic t-shirt and color-blocked clothing to use the combination of neon green and black a lot. After all, you cannot deny how good it looks.

Yellow for Thursdays –

Yellow is the colour of intellect, Happiness, Liveliness, comfort, and energy. Also the colour of summer, yellow looks just lively and captivating on a sunny day and without a doubt, goes incredibly well with both, white and black. With white, especially on a sunny day. The classic yellow tee and white chinos and sneakers is the ideal outfit for a warm, sunny day and look incredibly good as well. This combination of yellow and white for sure makes heads turn around as you walk down the Street with your confident personality and that Charming smile.

Pink for Fridays –

The colour of caring, love, and nurture, pink is a colour which most people cannot pull off, but if you think that you’re one of those who love to challenge themselves and carry themselves with utmost confidence (which I’m sure you are 😉 ) then pink is the color for you. A faded pink denim jacket or a pink tee is exactly what you need to pair up with those new dark blue/black denim jeans that you just got and in case you don’t have a Pink jacket, you can always buy jackets online. After all, There is something about these two contrasting colours that makes the combination so beautiful, so watch out as you walk down the lane because all eyes are going to be on you!

Black for Saturdays –

The Colour Of Sophistication, class, elegance, power, and strength, black is an all-time favorite colour. Almost anything goes well in the black. From Cars to watches to denim, shirts, sneakers, and jackets, black is the classiest colour of them all and goes with any and every colour. Quite literally! Black suits, black ties, black basic t shirt, all go so well and in rhythm with your charming personality. Black is also the colour of mystery, so for those of you, who like to keep themselves a mystery, black is just the perfect colour for you.

You can buy jackets online in black colour and design because black jackets add that element X you need to complete your outfit and compliment any and every outfit with perfection!

Orange for Sundays –

Orange, also referred to as the color of the Sun, is the Ideal colour for Sundays. Highlighting Cheerfulness, enthusiasm, stimulation, and creativity, orange color provides the perfect energy to end your week with. The day time calls for a combination of orange and white clothes while the night time switches it to orange and black. But whatever combination it might be, you cannot deny the fact that orange looks incredibly appealing and captivating if you pull it off with confidence. Orange shirts and tees with white stripe design paired with classic black denim and white shoes is an ideal party outfit for you to try on this weekend at that party you’re going at!

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