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How to keep Healthy Eating Habits even When you’re Busy

How to keep Healthy Eating Habits even When you’re Busy
  • PublishedApril 14, 2021

Stop what you’re doing. Seriously. Yes, we know you’re busy but hear us out. For one minute, stop everything that you’re doing – whether it’s working on a new project, or replying to an email, or tapping your foot along to the song that’s playing, or reading the next words of this article. Did you stop? Well, not completely. Because you’re still breathing, your heart is still beating and your bodily systems never stop functioning. No matter how busy you are, these processes never stop. What stops are your inputs towards keeping them functioning smoothly – your sleep, exercise, and eating habits. And we get it, sometimes you’re just too busy dealing with problems at work or school to think about what to eat, but trust us, it’s worth taking the time to grab something to munch on in any case. Because if your erratic eating habits start impacting your health, you’ll have a lot more problems to deal with.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We know how hard it is to keep up with healthy eating in the middle of endless deadlines and commitments. Thanks why we’re reminding you of a few tips and tricks that you can use to make this process a lot easier for yourself.

Stick to simple solutions

If you’re finding it too difficult to manage all your responsibilities and take care of planning and preparing meals, don’t do it. Think like an entrepreneur and outsource the work. You can easily rely on one of the many tiffin services in Noida to take on the job for you. Then you’ll have home-cooked meals delivered to you during the day, and absolutely no prep to tackle. A simple solution to healthy eating even with a tightly packed schedule.

Become a meal planner

If you like a little bit more control over the ingredients you’re using or have certain dietary restrictions to consider, you might want to try meal-planning instead. This way you can prep your meals in bulk on a weekend when you’re relatively less busy, and simply heat and eat during the week. This can actually save you a lot of time, since you only have to think about your meals once, and some strategic use of ingredients can save you from having to do too much prep as well. If you’re as busy as we think you are, you’ll definitely love the lack of washing up this tip involves.

Stock up on snacks

Yes we’re seriously telling you that snacks are the answer. But let’s throw in the phrase ‘healthy snacks’ instead. If you’re not living in a residence like Stanza Living that provides you with healthy meals during your day, there’s a chance that you’re not a huge fan of the food in your girls’ PG in Noida. And a packet of chips can curb your appetite once in a while, but they’re not the answer to your skipped lunch every second day. Instead, you can stockpile healthy and non-perishable snacks like nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, and more in single-serving portions to grab when you’re on the go. Bulk-buying these will also ensure you get a good deal and you can keep a couple of these options in your bag so that you’re never caught unprepared.

Your freezer is your friend

Maybe your chef-friends will judge you for this but hear us out. There’s no shame in using your freezer, not just to store the batch-cooked food you’ve whipped up, but also to stash frozen vegetables and fruits as simple substitutes for fresh ingredients. Since these often come pre-chopped or semi-cooked, you’ll also end up saving a lot of prep time by using this. Frozen food also tends to be cheaper, and since they’re frozen at their freshest, you might end up with better quality produce than if you picked up something from the local vendor. It’s a real win-win.

Drink water

If you’re especially busy with work or studies, you might find yourself chugging on coffee or energy drinks throughout the day to keep your spirits up. But the problem with both caffeine and sugar is that they can lead to initial jitteriness, followed by a slump. And having too much coffee can wreak havoc on your appetite too. Instead of these beverages, you should drink plenty of water as it will keep you hydrated and fresh, with none of the disadvantages. Best of all, it’s free.

Even if you think you can’t find the time to eat healthily, you can make the time. So don’t let any excuses keep you from getting your nutrients in. Busy or not, you deserve to take care of yourself.

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