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Key Factors To Consider Before Buying Cheap Artificial Grass

If you are wondering about the things to know before buying  Artificial Grass Melbourne, you are at the right place. Though artificial grass offers a wide range of benefits like pet-friendly, child-friendly, low maintenance, and long-lasting life periods, some important key factors need to be considered when you are buying artificial grass for your residential and commercial buildings. In order to obtain the overall benefits, you need to hire a professional who offers services for the artificial grass installation process. Here is a list of things that need to be considered before buying artificial grass. 

Intended Use

The first and foremost key factor to consider to buying cheap artificial grass  is based on its application area. Some people may install artificial grass for their household lawns, and gardens, while others are installing artificial grass for their sports demands like football court, golf court or many more. Apart from that, there are some artificial turfs, which are made especially for pets and children. These pet-friendly and child-friendly artificial turf will have antibacterial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria, and gems. Based on the intended use, you can select the best artificial grass for your home or commercial buildings. 

Pile Height 

The next important factor that needs to be considered while buying artificial grass from artificial grass suppliers Melbourne is its pile height. Pile height is nothing but the total length of the artificial grass from the top to the backing of the blades. Based on the pile heights, the artificial grass is classified as short, middle and long, which are ranging from 16-27mm, 30-37mm, and above 40mm respectively. The commonly used pet-friendly and child-friendly artificial grass are shorter ones, while the luxurious-looking grass has a pile height of 30-37mm. If you are looking for some soft grassland, you can go for longer grass. 

Pile Density

Another significant factor that determines the overall finish of the backyard or lawn is pile density. As the name indicates, the pile density is nothing but the number of fibres that are attached to the artificial grass in order to see how they are closely placed together. The low pile density lawn may look sparse and thin in comparison with medium or high pile density. The professionals from artificial grass suppliers will advise you to go for high pile density when you are planning to build sports turf. If you have an idea of placing heavy garden furniture, you can go for high pile density artificial grass. Medium and low pile density gardens demand child or pet-friendly areas and front gardens respectively. 

Infill Materials 

If you are planning to buy Best Artificial Grass Melbourne, you need to look for the infill materials that are used in the artificial grass. Based on the different types of infill materials, you will be beneficial in different ways. The most commonly used infill materials like silica or rubber have different characteristics such as absorption, drainage and temperature management. In addition to this, you have to check whether the artificial grass has UV stability. You have to select artificial grass that has high UV stability and requires minimal maintenance. These are some important factors that need to be considered when you buy artificial grass for your home or commercial buildings.

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