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surrogacy pregnancy

Surrogacy is not a practice, nor is it widespread, nor is it carried out on a massive scale. Although as in some countries it is illegal, there is no official data. We do not know how many minors born abroad enter the countries through this practice. The pregnant woman, as soon as she signs the contract, has to renounce her maternal affiliation. Therefore she in the registration papers she does not appear as a mother, it is as if she does not exist. The child ceases to be hers long before giving birth and she will have no rights over it.

The names of the parents who have resorted to surrogacy are listed in the civil registry. This does not occur however in adoption. It is a much more transparent process and where the biological antecedents are kept. The first and last name of the biological mother is known to such an extent that the adoption law allows the adopted minor when he reaches the age of majority to search for her biological family. Not in the rental winds. It’s all blank.

Countries where it is legal

It is legal in the United States, but not in all 50 states. Only in thirteen. The most demanded is California. And there the process costs up to 150,000 dollars. The expectant mother charges money, a part, half or even less than what the couples pay.

In Ukraine it is also legal, it is similar to the American model but in worse conditions and more abusive for women. And then there are countries like India or Thailand, countries that many couples turned to because the process is low cost, cheaper. But recently they have changed the legislation restricting it only for nationals. The same has happened in Nepal.

Two types:

In practice, the surrogate mother method has two types, namely gestational carriers, and genetic/traditional carriers

– Gestational carrier

She rents out her womb. That is, pregnancy in a surrogate mother does not use her eggs, as well as sperm, either from a donor or a husband from a “tenant” uterus. The process of a gestational carrier usually uses IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).

– Genetic or traditional carrier

She rents her uterus and eggs. So the surrogate mother will conceive a child that comes from her egg and sperm cells from the “tenant” father of the womb. In practice, this process will use the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) method.

Surrogate mother procedure

In practice in America, usually, couples will look for a surrogate mother through friends or relatives. However, if this is not possible, there is an agency such as the best surrogacy agency California that will act as an intermediary between uterine tenants and couples who want to have children.

Couples who will rent a womb must meet several needs of pregnant women, including:

– Complete health insurance

– Physical examination before doing the IVF or IUI process

– Examination of infectious diseases owned by both parties

– Tests to check for congenital diseases that may pass to the child in the womb

– Money for surrogate mother’s daily needs

In addition, the implementation of the surrogate mother will be closely monitored by legal institutions so that the child who has been born will actually be given to the parents of the womb tenant.

As previously stated, the fertilization process in the surrogacy method will be carried out through IVF. This method is the process of fertilization between egg cells and sperm cells in a petri tube. If the egg has been successfully fertilized, the cell will be transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb.

The above process is almost the same as the IVF method, the difference is that the fertilized egg is inserted into the uterus of another woman who is not the biological mother of the fetus.

Considerations for a surrogate mother

Before a married couple wants to do this method to have children, there are several things to consider. The following is a summary of things that may occur during the surrogacy process.

– Fertilization of eggs through IVF or IUI process is not always successful on the first try.

– Embed that the womb will not always be healthy because there will be a risk of miscarriage.

– Like pregnancy in general, maintaining the health of the baby in the womb needs to be done so that it can be born healthy and safe according to the expected day of birth.

– Pregnancy by IVF or IUI method can produce twins.

– Some psychological research shows that the surrogate will feel panicked for a certain period of time. Accompany and give her the strength that what she is doing is right and noble.

We hope this information was useful. Thank you for reading!

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