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Things to Know About Car Insurance

Things to Know About Car Insurance 

The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) in the UAE has made car insurance mandatory. No matter where you are located, be it Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Al Ain, if you don’t have vehicle insurance, then get ready to pay some hefty fine.

The right car insurance Dubai policy will offer you security and protection from liability in any unforeseen incident. Finding the best vehicle insurance policy in the UAE is not difficult but there are a ample options available, so choosing the right one can be a challenge. Make sure you’re aware of all your insurance requirements and make a better choice for yourself. Here are some important things to know before you decide to buy car insurance.

Types of Vehicle Insurance Available in the UAE

Before finalizing an insurance policy with any company, make sure you’re familiar with all the types and options that you have. Before finalizing an insurance policy with any company, make sure you’re familiar with all the types and options that you have, make sure you’re familiar with all types and options that options that  you have.

Third-Party Liability Insurance Policy

Also known as TPL, this is the most basic type of policy and also mandatory in the UAE. It protects you from third-party liabilities in the form of any claims in case of damage to the vehicle, injury, or loss of life. This policy, however, doesn’t extend to the damages incurred by your car in case of an accident. Due to its simple rules, TPL is affordable and opted for by many people. Online sources like car-renewal provide vehicle insurance services in under one hour by offering the lowest premiums from some of the top insurers.

A Comprehensive Insurance Policy

As the name suggests, it’s a more detailed policy that gives you wider protection. It not only covers third party liabilities but also includes damages and cost of repairs of your own vehicle. A rather extensive insurance policy, people living in Dubai and other parts of the UAE prefer it as it covers fire, theft, and accidental collision. This type of policy has some limitations like it’s only available for vehicles that are at least 7 years old.

Additional Options and Ad-On

So, you’ve got a good insurance deal – now what? Reliable platforms like car renewal. ae also provide the option of ad-on for maximum protection. You can add agency repair to the list, which means that your four-wheel drive will receive maintenance service from authorized personnel only.

UAE residents also opt for roadside assistance, which includes help in case the vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you can avail of towing services. There are also medical expenses coverage, personal belongings insurance, and personal accident cover for the driver and the passengers.

car-renewal has earned a solid reputation in the UAE not just for its insurance services but also car renewal Dubai registration and mechanical work. Don’t miss the opportunity of utilizing premium services and get quotes that meet your budget and requirements.

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