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Know Some Major key Elements of Web Designing 

Good website design is imperative that lets your user communicate with your product. Poor web performance can really make you or can turn your hours of effort and capital into ashes.  The positive user experience should be high- in priority if you’re an emerging brand or running a multinational company.

It doesn’t matter if you have armaments of many brainstorming business ideas or even have tie-ups with massive brick- and mortar PR agencies, if you can’t catch your reader’s eyes then you will surely lose your chance.  Every year new designs, layouts, and styles trigger a new trend in web development, and make it hard for us to emerge with new designs that capture the user’s attention in just 3 seconds!

In the broadest sense, you need a nexus of major elements that enhance your site’s performance.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 major ingredients that will help you to narrow your efforts in the right direction.

Let’s start with the “Tip of the day”

The more clear and simple your designs are, the better your user experience is…

Element #1: Use distinctive fonts and typography

Many companies use their distinctive fonts and style of writing that keeps them into the spotlight versus other contenders with the same business objectives.  For example – The New Yorker is noticed immediately through their unique way of writing.  Typography marketing is a new trend that is practiced to fascinate readers from one page to another. The type of topography you’re using will project the theme of your business, example- Are you serious or fun-loving or informational or inspirational? So choose wisely!

Element#2: Content is the soul

“Content is the king “, every successful brand has a creative team of writers who deliver high-quality contents that trigger responses, fuels web conversions,  generate more web traffic, and high ranking on Google search engine.  In present scenarios where every next business is into online marketing, the need for content marketing is undeniable that works as armaments for a business to survive the cutthroat battle of online marketing.

Element#3: Use images to captures a user’s interest

Your website shouldn’t be full-fledged with responsive and hero images that project your views and services on your website. Large hero images make your website look fancy and visually tell a story without making many efforts with texts.  How is it useful? Your customer is coming to your website with high expectations and less time, so make their visit worth where we images should tell your story so that users should not have to rely on text for a solution.

Element#4: Create a user-friendly interface

There’s one thing that is more relevant than the presence of content on a website is the compatibility of your website with every possible interface.  Your website’s success depends on how user-friendly or accessible you’ve made it for your users. Always create the user’s point of view to create a more positive impact on your customers.  Study shows that 88 % of Indian millennial have a negative feeling for a company with poor user interface sites.

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