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All You Should Know About Upgrading A Fusebox
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All You Should Know About Upgrading A Fusebox 

A Fuse box is a metal box installed in a building. It sends the appropriate amount of power to all circuits in a building. It serves as protection from electrical accidents. Some obvious reasons like an old model, tripping circuits and additional circuits in a home might require the homeowner to get a new fuse box installation.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions in relation to your fuse box;

  • When should my fuse box be replaced?

  • It is unsafe
  • It is unable to properly carry extra capacities from new appliances.
  • Frequent overheating and tripping of fuses
  • Your model is the old model without a circuit breaker.
  • How long does the replacement of my fuse box take?

This is different for each building. For a standard change from the old model fuse box to a more efficient model, the replacement can take about 4 hours. For houses existing for more than 25 years, the mains power might have to be upgraded simultaneously, and this will take about 8 hours to complete. For buildings where the fuse box location is not aligned with the current rules set for the location of fuse boxes (less than 2 meters from the ground, and within 2 meters of the front of the building), then obviously a much longer time will be needed for this relocation. This time will be estimated by the electrician in charge.

  • How much does the replacement of a fuse box with a circuit breaker cost?

Replacing a fuse box does not just entail removing the fuse box and fixing a circuit breaker in its stead. When a fuse box is replaced, the building should be brought up to date with the current safety standards. This implies that the cost for this replacement will vary depending on the exact changes that need to be done on a building.

Using a rough estimate, a basic fuse box upgrade will cost between $900 and $1200. For additional changes and upgrades, the cost should be between $2000 and $3000.

  • Should your circuit breakers be replaced?

Mostly, upgrades to make them more efficient. Here are the models of fuse boxes in progressive order;

Ceramic Fuses

These are the earliest form of fuse boxes. They were the first devices that produced some kind of electrical protection in a building, although largely limited. In this type of fuse box, the wire is wound around screws and then plugged into the fuse box. They could provide protection against short-circuit and overload issues, but had no protection against electric shock.

Plug-in Circuit Breaker

These were the next set of protection developed. They were plugged into the old, fuse base which solved the problem of having to hang wires unprotected in the night. However, they basically provided the same type of protection that the ceramic fuses provided and had the same limitations. The dangerous part of this fixing process was that the cables were frequently overloaded, and the wrong ratings were used.

Hardwired circuit breakers

This was a progressive step in the fuse box production world in that their construction made them safer. They acted faster than the previous two, but they still gave no solution to the problem of electric shock. Their solutions were also limited to short-circuiting and overloading.

Safety Switches

This made a lot of waves in the fuse box market when it was developed. It was a huge step forward as it could finally prevent electric shock. A safety switch was linked to several circuit breakers, so this provided safety. The limitation was that a single trip in a single circuit breaker would generate a total blackout in the entire circuit.

Combination safety switches/ circuit breakers

This is the recent model of the fuse boxes. It is made from the combination of safety switches and circuit breakers (RCBOs). They solve every problem from the previous models. They function by protecting single circuits from short-circuiting, overloading problem and electric shocks. This implies that each problem is confined to each circuit, and will not affect the other circuits. Each circuit has its earth fault.

If your home still uses any of the previous models before the RCBOs, then it might require an upgrade. This will provide you with greater safety level, convenience and better efficiency.

If you require an upgrade or a new fuse board installation, then you must get a professional electrician to handle this step as it is very critical. If you need an emergency electrician that you can trust, then you can contact us by calling 020 71834006.

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