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Knowing an Optimum Age to Become an Influencer

Age is not a bar for what you want to achieve until you have the strong willpower and a determined mindset to do it. A let-it-go approach is not going to help you anyway even if you have plenty of time to do so. Practically, in influencer marketing, we have seen some significant examples, where people in their 90s are so popular than any other celebrity. Iris Apfel, with 1 million followers, has proved that becoming a trendy name in the latest social media is not difficult at all. She is just 97 years old! Needless to say, that age is just a figure in the process to make your dream go live!

The Transformation of the Market and Social Trends

The market or industry has witnessed a lot of changes in the last few years. Social media influencers have made a noteworthy impact on business methodology. Marketing through influencers has become a trend and that too highly impactful. The brands are now very much finicky in selecting their promotional/ marketing alternatives and thus using influencers as a tool to lead the competition. The survey shows that more than 74% of people on social media have huge trust in the influencers.

It is evident that these followers believe in the words of their favorite person or popular public figure more than the brand they promote. The transformation is huge and expected to turn more in the coming days. Professor Lyn Slater, more popular with the name Accidental Icon at her 65th year has bagged the deal from Reebok, Maison Margiela (French luxury fashion house), and more to name. She proved age is not at all a bar for enthusiastic people all around the world.

Influencer Marketing Has Gone 90 Folds   

Interestingly, Google trends show that since 2013, the companies have shown 90 times more interest in hiring social media influencers for promotional activities. So, if you can uniquely make your debut then possibly you can be the next influencer to be hired by some company, someday!

Go Ahead If You Have Content

What makes you lead the role as an influencer? It doesn’t matter in which social media platform you are much active, but what matters the most is what your content says. If you have creative things in mind or if you are aware of what impact you can share with people then you are actually on the right track. Celebrity Influencers over 50 like Beth Djalali or Shauna are creative with their fashion, lifestyle, and fitness content. So they have made themselves more promising as fashion bloggers. Similarly, Teri Turner with her food blogging has changed the outlook of what a food-author can do around society. There are hundreds of influencers all around us who proved that ignoring age and doing what they love can fetch success one day. To be very practical, there is no optimum age for becoming an influencer.

How to Become an Influencer

The main strength needed for becoming an influencer is knowing what you want to show people. You have to select your niche first. You are the best person to judge your qualities and then you can start as a micro-influencer. It doesn’t matter even if you are in your 60s. All you need a little Passion and Persistence and definitely Patience. If these three ‘P’ is within you then your next task is to strategize your content. You will have to learn a few technical things to ensure quality and creativity blend together. 

What are the Parameters

In the run, you have to work with influencer-marketing strategies. These strategies are needed to ensure your page or content pop-up ahead of others. In simple terms, you have to move ahead of others and thus you need to know three major things.

  • Determine your targeted audience. If your niche is cooking or traveling, you have to know whom you need to address or is it worth reaching everyone or is it a sheer waste of effort? 
  • Analyze whether your content will be encouraged by people or the decision was wrong. 
  • Ascertain the opportunities that will give you a space to work. You have to diversify your content planning that complements your activities. 

Influencers have already taken the market under control and you becoming the next lead is a challenge to yourself. How will you proceed with the planning or lay back, is it all your choice? The influencer marketing industry will turn $15 billion by next year and you have plenty of time to show off your uniqueness. There is no age bar for your passion and thus the entire ground is yours. Play as much tactically and productively you can, because ultimately your work is going to fetch you good luck!