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The Latest in America: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

The Latest in America: United We Stand, Divided We Fall 

2020 took multiple unexpected turns and bombarded people with deep scars and unpleasant memories. The highlight of all the latest news in America is Covid-19, which secluded people, gave birth to economic instability and numerous other problems. Not only did it give birth to issues but intensified existing issues.

One highlighted issue resulting from Covid-19 is the creation and increase in distances. By distance, I don’t refer to physical and social distancing but the divide within the nation. Many activists and book writers saw this change and were deeply alarmed. Bob Skelton went all the way out to write a book on this very matter to inform and enlighten people.

The Bob Skelton Masterpiece

United State

Books hold power to alternations and enlighten people. Therefore, Bob Skelton articulated a masterpiece named “The Amazing Power of an Encourager” that refers to the great concern of Americans and the growing division we are witnessing daily.

The book aims to motivate people of all ages, races, and education levels as he believes that the improvement can’t be made by few intelligent people, but the whole nation needs to be together to achieve it.

The book further revolves around the three aims, encouragement, building up, and uniting. He focused on the power encouragement holds. He stated that during the darkest of times, when German was advancing to conquer the world, the only thing Winston Churchill did was to encourage people and give them hope. Back then, all the latest news in America comprised of was motivational speeches and sessions, which propelled the people of this nation to come together and work as one unit.

Bob believes only if the people are encouraged can help them shake the dust away and become capable of building up themselves. His focus remained on how the person needs to grow from within. To progress as a nation, each person must be capable of growing individually.

Talking about building up does not mean that they must follow some specific path or specific dream, but only trying to be a better self is enough. This further leads us to reinforce the righteousness of the system and unite the whole nation.

Only upon the unity over politics, races and religion can make or break the country. He continued, stating that it is not important to focus on agreeing to one thing but accepting the difference to be one.

Why Is This Book The Need For Time?

With every passing day, it is getting even more important for people to get their hands on this book to cope with prevailing situations. We have a look into the latest news in America, which relates to the concerns Bob Skelton shared in his book.

USA Passes 6 Million confirmed Covid-19 Cases

The coronavirus pandemic took numerous life is the past few months and is continuing its horrific consequences. As we enter the ninth month with this pandemic, it has taken over 183,000 lives in the US, with a total of 6 million cases. The work on vaccines is still in progress and is now in Phase 3 trials. The frequency of cases reduced in the past month. However, it has shown an increased number of cases in recent weeks. This alarming situation has felt people in great turmoil and loss of hope.

Black Lives Matter

The incident of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement. Even though the movement helped in uniting people over the heart-wrenching incident, there stand a significant amount of people with increased division. The movement is non-violent advocacy and protest-based movement against racial discrimination.

US Elections 2020

The latest news in America, which is taking over every news channel and social media platform in the US Elections 2020. The present situation of the country has intensified the tensions between candidates and the present people in power. While Donald Trump’s America-on-fire campaign strategy to work has inflamed chaos and justified violence in cities, Biden condemns the violent approach and activities, stating, ‘We must not become a nation at war with ourselves.’ The election is around the corner, and therefore, the tension and multiple events are simultaneously taking place, most of which are promoting the division among the nation.


Above stated are the three latest news in America, which have more adverse than positive impact on the American nation. The arrival of COVID triggered the division followed by the incident leading to the Black Lives Matter movement and, lastly, the arrival of elections.

In such dark times, Bob Skelton produced a masterpiece which talks about all the present issues and their impact along with how to cope with them. He integrated a flame of hope, encouragement, and positivity, walking past the prevailing dark to help people in standing back up with the message, “United we stand, divided we fall.

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