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Let us help you with Choosing a Floor for your Flat
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Let us help you with Choosing a Floor for your Flat 

With so many emerging projects in Delhi and Noida, high-rise houses have become a widespread phenomenon. These multi-level buildings can be very confusing when it comes to choosing which floor you should be living on.

Here are a few tips you can follow if you are confused about choosing which floor to go for.

Look at security and privacy

It is observed that lower floor is unsafe as compared to the flats that are located at higher floor since they are easy to access, but if you still prefer lower floor flats then before finalising, check all the security provisions made by the realtor to avoid any kind of theft.

In addition, there is less privacy in flats at lower floor especially if the building or apartment you are thinking of buying is situated on the main road or bus lane, which will give you less privacy as compared to higher floors, which are more harmonious.

Check-in with fire security

Realtors are required to be certified for their complex or project to have an ability to deal against the fire hazard. Check that whether the realtor has all the safety measures taken before allowing public living. Usually fire equipments are located at lower floors. If you are keen for higher ones, then check if there is provision of same on each floor.

Make sure of stairs and number of lifts installed

While looking for a flat keep an eye on how many lifts are installed in each building or tower, how functional it is and what kind of backup they have in case one of them stops working or breaks down.

This kind of arrangement is necessary especially in case you have children or older people at home because going up and down the stairs from the higher floor can be difficult.

Also, check whether stairs constructed are comfortable and convenient to walk on or not, since there might occur a time when you would require stairs, like in case the lifts are not working.

The view from the flat

For many people having a good view from their flat is very important, this is where choosing a higher floor flat can be a good option for you. If the flat is located nearby a park or sea, living in a high floor flat, will give you a beautiful scenic view every day.

When it comes to charging this great view can be pricey as compared to lower floor flats because as higher you go the higher will be the cost. The charge also varies according to the direction like north and east-facing flats and floors are more in demand by people so they are costly in contrast to the west or south facing flats.

Review network accessibility

In Noida, the building can go up to many floors which is quite common not just in Delhi or Noida but also in many other metro cities. So before choosing any floor whether lower or higher, check if it comes with good phone and internet network, otherwise it can become very difficult to connect.

Energy consumption

Considering the scorching heat affects Delhi and Noida, buying a lower floor flat comes with an advantage, as they usually remain cool as compared to higher floor flats and therefore,they consume less energy.

Proper ventilation and low disturbance level

This is where high-level flats come with the advantage of providing good light and can be airy as compared to lower-level flats. There are also fewer disturbances from street noise and invasion of insects.

For investment purpose

If you are looking for a flat for investment purpose, then going for the lower floor is a better option than higher floors since they bring better returns.

In conclusion: Other services to consider

Before zeroing on the floor, check for the security arrangements, corridor space, local infrastructure and broadband service provided by the realtor in their housing complex etc.

Deciding which floor to go for depends upon individual preference and family needs. With ATS Tourmaline and ATS Triumph, buying a home is no longer difficult, with the provision of all amenities. ATS GREEN assures quality and happy living.

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