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Let’s Right Your Body Language for the IELTS Speaking Test

Hello, everyone! Thank you for clicking on the link and increasing our Ahrefs traffic. Today, we’ll discuss how your body posture can influence your IELTS speaking score. We appreciate you taking the time to analyze how body language can affect your IELTS speaking score. We will surely cover all areas of having immaculate body language to pass the IELTS speaking test. So, with that being said, let’s examine the effect of body language on the IELTS speaking examination score.

If you assume that body language is not something that affects your IELTS speaking test, think again. You are tripping thinking that you will get grades purely on your language skills, such as grammar, fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Body language will influence the examiner’s mind to observe you in a more sophisticated manner if your body language is sophisticated. If you are unclear about what comprises good body language, we recommend contacting the best IELTS Institute in Patiala. They will help you become fluent and put effort into making you guys exceptional in the body language aspect.

Before we get to our main components of body language, first, let us define body language;

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication in which your body movement, pitch, hand gesture, tone, and facial expressions are actively used while communicating with others. Most students question if good body language helps them perform better on the IELTS speaking test. It is a fact that it will have no impact on your scores whatsoever.

But the important issue is that your body language will surely have a long-term impression on the examiner. The examiner may see that you have outstanding English abilities as well as the decorum required to deliver the speech. It is normal to see persons who do not pay attention to body language lose confidence. Although the body may not affect your scores, it can make or break your chances of becoming exceptional in certain situations of your life.

Some Remarkable Body Language Tips for the IELTS Speaking Test;

Just set aside the distractions and read the article carefully to equip the great benefits of great body language. This is a powerful tool that can help you leave a long-term impact on the mind of the examiner.

Sitting Posture

We strongly recommend you sit erect rather than being flaccid. This position not only makes you appear confident, but it also gives the examiner the sense that you are prepared to take the stage of the test hall. Try to keep the same posture and avoid moving your body dramatically to avoid evidence of tension.

Keep in mind that if you fidget excessively, the examiner may assume you are nervous. You can always rest your legs in whatever position you like, however, make sure they are in the correct position. We also recommend that you avoid elevating your legs, as this would surely appear unprofessional.

Hand Gestures

If you speak without moving your hands, the examiner will see that you lack understanding of body language. There is nothing wrong with making hand motions when presenting a speech. However, while not speaking, you should avoid making unnecessary hand motions. Never nod to indicate yes or no, instead say yes and no accurately. Always try to use your tongue when answering any type of question.

Understand that gestures are important, but they should not hamper your speaking ability. We understand that it is impossible to follow everything perfectly, so we strongly recommend that you learn as much as possible. We understand your nervousness, but preparation is your number one weapon to win this battle.

Facial Expressions

We strongly advise against frowning or agitating and being nervous. Relaxing your facial muscles allows you to smile and nod politely while giving your answer. A grin is one of the weapons that might help you look terrific during an exam. It will also give the examiner the impression that you are an energetic person, which additionally will provide your personality with oozing positivity. And what more do you expect from us when we are finding the best PTE Institute in Patiala for your PTE/IELTS exam-related needs?


Students can improve or become worse than where they stand now with just a few positive or negative events in their lives. However, it is we who can use these changes to shape our future in a way that can help us in becoming exceptional. Although this motivation could not get to your mind, the tips for good body language for the IELTS exam will certainly help you.